10 Modern Sales Quotes to Guide You into the Future

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As we dive head first into 2016 there is an unsettling feeling facing most sales professionals. And it’s not just about crushing their quota. It’s the unrelenting progression of modern buyers, forcing us to adapt faster than ever before. That’s the driving force behind these powerful sales quotes.

According to the 2015 State of Sales report from Salesforce, one of the challenges sales professionals face is the rise of customer sophistication.

Like any driven professional, the modern buyer is determined to become an expert in their field by constantly learning and seeking insight.

This makes the sellers job much harder and more complex. Although, it does create a new opportunity for modern sales professionals who can adapt quickly.

It’s time to take one step back, breathe in deeply and attack your sales goals in 2016 by learning how modern sales leaders do it.

Here’s 10 Tweetable sales quotes from today’s modern sales leaders that will help change your mindset of what it means to successfully reach buyers.


10 Modern Sales Quotes to Guide You into the Future


If you haven’t noticed already, the main theme of modern sales revolves around our ability to build long-term relationships and establish credibility through out the their entire buying process – long before and after the sale.


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