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4 Ways to Increase Your Cold Outreach Response Rate

By Dayana Cadet in Sales

As a sales rep, there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like your outreach efforts are going nowhere – it’s likely just as frustrating for sales leaders, too.

Unfortunately, buyers today are experiencing what we can only call “sales email fatigue”. Gone are the days when persistence and a little bit of hustle were the only tools you needed to be a successful sales rep. Buyers are far more likely to tune you out (can you blame them)?

While it’s true that cold email response rates tend to be drastically low, it doesn’t mean piquing the interests of a prospective buyer is impossible. You just have to adapt to the modern sales landscape. Here are 4 ways you can increase your cold outreach response rate.

When building a cadence, find the magic number

It may feel counterintuitive but when creating a sales outreach plan, less is more. The average cadence includes up to 7 emails. However, 90% of prospects answer within 4 or 5 emails – and that’s across 8 key roles typically found within a company, from Operations to Marketing.

The same idea goes for creating a timeline for your cadence. Did you know that the average cadence lasts between 6.5 and 13 weeks? That’s a very long time to be sending follow up sales emails. In fact, according to our data, the sweet spot tends to be about 5 weeks – that’s when 90% of prospects tend to answer.

If you’re still reaching out beyond that – it’s time to move on and re-focus your efforts!

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Cold doesn’t have to mean ice cold

Think about in-deal outreach. You may be “cold” to the prospect you’re reaching out to but not the company as a whole – use that as a touch point and turn a cold outreach into a warm one.

When you start looking at multi-threaded deals, you can start expecting an average response rate of about 15.5%. Even a junior sales rep reaching out to a senior prospect can expect response rates of about 15%, while a senior rep reaching out to a senior prospect can expect a whopping 26% response rate. Of course, this includes in-deal relationship building.

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Have the right email template (and attitude)

You’ll find plenty of sources to give you tips and tricks on building the “best” subject lines and email template to get the “highest” engagement. But regardless of what your sales outreach plan is, it should start with thinking about how to bring value to the person on the other end of that cold email. Rather than keeping it transactional and going straight to asking for a meeting, find a way to pique the prospect’s interest. In a day and age where buyers are quick to delete emails on sight, personalization is key!

Know your prospect

This should go without saying but we’ll say it anyway: before you send that cold email, know your customer. The best way to engage prospects is by adding value to their day and you simply can’t do that if you don’t do your research and are able to provide personalized outreach.

Knowing your prospect will also help you manage engagement expectations by understanding how things like role and seniority come into play. For example, a junior sales rep reaching out to a more senior prospect can definitely expect a lower response rate than a senior sales leader reaching out to a peer.

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