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5 Apps To Make You A Social Selling Pro

By Jaxson Khan in Social Selling

It’s clear that social selling is here to stay. But what isn’t obvious yet is how we can do it in a practical, scalable, reproducible way.

Sure, some of us are natural networkers, we “get” social media, and we have an eye for opportunity and a natural knack for knowing the right thing to say. But some of us aren’t. We either aged out of the whole “social media” thing and have had to learn it as adults, or we think it takes too much time, doesn’t make the ROI obvious, and frankly, we’re just better in person.

Whatever the situation – pro or not – what social selling needs is a little process, a little predictability, and a clear way to track results. Fortunately, there are several powerful tools out there designed specifically to transform your social selling process – whether haphazard, refined, or non-existent – into a strong, repeatable, scalable component of your efforts.




Jaxson Khan
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