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5 Ways to Turn Weak Ties into Lasting Business Relationships

By Menaka Raman-Wilms in Networking

Our networks are largely made up of weak ties, and so we often find ourselves in the position of reaching out to someone we don’t know that well. This isn’t always easy, but the ability to strengthen weak ties is one of the most important aspects of growing our networks.

Below we’ve compiled 5 key things to remember when working to strengthen weak ties and build strong relationships.

5 Ways to Turn Weak Ties into Lasting Business Relationships via @menakarw
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Be Memorable

Everyone interacts with a huge number of people each day. To avoid being looked over or forgotten, it’s essential to be memorable and stand out from the rest of the noise.

Since much of our networking is now done online, it’s easier than ever to send content or insights: however, we never want to come across as generic or boring. Make sure whatever you’re sending is meaningful and is something of value. At the end of the day, it will always be the unique interactions that stand out.



Make It Personal

We all appreciate when someone has made the effort to find something interesting. Generic content won’t make an impression; however, specific information, such as a link to a newly-announced conference in our city, is likely to catch our attention. We always notice when someone has taken the time to find something uniquely for us.

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Business Isn’t All Business

Connecting with business content is helpful, but personal insights, such as a good vacation spot or kids’ summer camp, can sometimes be even better. That kind of insight shows that you remembered important details about the person and actually took the effort to think about something that would be relevant.

Everyone prefers to do business with people they actually like, so connecting with someone on a personal level is often the best way to build a relationship.


Stay Authentic

You never want to portray yourself in a way that feels unnatural or uncomfortable. Matching the other person on their level is important, but it’s also important to represent yourself with an authentic voice and tone.  

We can usually tell when someone is being genuine. If we think that someone is being insincere or even just trying too hard, we’re less likely to respond well.

Be authentic, natural and polite - that's what people are drawn to #networking
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Keep your interactions natural and polite. However, try not to use exclamations or smileys until you’re confident the other person will match the enthusiasm.



Show You Care

We’re all more likely to feel positively towards someone who takes an interest in us and seems to care about our well-being. We expect this from people we’re close to, but it strikes us as special when we get this kind of genuine attention from someone we don’t know well.

If you really want to strengthen business relationships...be personal #networking @menakarw
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When trying to strengthen weak ties, that kind of authentic personal attention is key. When people have taken care to remember personal details or go out of their way for us, particularly when we didn’t expect them to, we immediately feel a stronger connection.


What else is important to remember when working to strengthen weak ties? Let us know your ideas below!


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