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9 Mind-Blowing Sales Stats That Will Change Your Outreach Strategy In 2019

By Dayana Cadet in Sales

As a B2B sales professional, the best thing you can do to set yourself up for success is to arm yourself with as much industry knowledge as possible. That means understanding best practices and stats, looking at metrics (at all levels of the deal cycle) and, perhaps most importantly, knowing how modern buyers think. That’s why we’ve dug up these 9 mind-blowing facts that will help you step up your outreach strategy in 2019.


Cold outreach

  • It takes fewer emails to get a response than you think (Nudge). The average sales rep sends up to 7 outreach emails to new prospects. But did you know, top sales reps actually send between 4 and 5 emails? It’s true! This is one case where less really is better.


  • 90% of the responses you’re likely to get will happen within the first 5 weeks (Nudge). The majority of sales reps spend between 6.5 and 13 weeks on just one prospect! That means that on average, sales reps are wasting 1.5 to 8 weeks and 3 emails on one prospect. Top sales reps know when to move on.


  • Seniority matters (Nudge). It’s true that junior reps tend to have a different approach to selling than more seasoned professionals. Our data shows that their response rates are about 10 percentage points lower than that of a senior rep reaching out to a peer. But don’t fret – you can easily boost those numbers in a number of ways to even out the playing field.


  • So does the role of the prospect you’re reaching out to (Nudge). Not only are response rates affected by the seniority of both the rep and the prospect, but the prospect’s role makes an impact as well. Between Finance, IT, Legal, Marketing, Sales, HR, Operations, and Software, you can expect rates to range between 12% and 22% depending on their role.

In-deal relationship building

  • Multi-threaded deals result in response rates of up to 15.5% (Nudge). We analyzed 3.1 million conversations between 1.4 million people and found that the most successful sales reps had a much higher response rate due to their ability to think about in-deal relationship building. That is to say, they forged relationships with their prospects’ peers within the organization (reducing the risk of a single-threaded deal that has the potential to go bust before it even gets off the ground).


  • But only 7% of deals are multi-threaded (LinkedIn). Unfortunately, many sales reps aren’t yet privy to the massive benefits of multi-thread relationship selling and so not enough are taking advantage of this lucrative approach.


  • In a typical firm with 100 to 500 employees, an average of 7-8 people are involved in most buying decisions (Gartner Group). The truth of the matter is, focusing on just one prospect and one prospect alone isn’t going to get you any closer to closing a deal at an average firm. You need to build and maintain relationships with everyone involved in the buying process throughout the entire buying process. This is the main crux of multi-threaded selling.

Sales and psychology

  • 84% of B2B sales start with warm introductions (IDC). Cold outreach doesn’t have to be ice cold. Top sales reps tend to look within their network for new prospects because, at the end of the day, it makes in-deal relationship building that much easier.


  • 68% of B2B customers are lost because of indifference or perceived apathy, not because of mistakes (Gallup). This is another reason why we place such a high emphasis on relationship selling – no one wants to feel like they have a dollar amount pasted on their forehead – least of all, your buyers. Keep relationships warm or your deals run the risk of going cold.

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