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97 AI Tools – A Guide for Your Business

By Jaxson Khan in Artificial Intelligence

Here at Nudge.ai, we’re big fans of AI (obviously), but we know there are many other AI tools businesses may be using too. So we thought we’d gather them into one list for you so you can choose the ones that may work best for your business.

The list is organized by category, so you’ll be able to scroll through the list as you need. Happy discovery and AI-ing!

Audio AI Tools

Capio: AI-powered transcription

VoiceOps: AI-powered transcription for sales professionals.

Deepgram: Helps companies gain insights from phone calls, videos, and other online media.

Gridspace: Turns streaming audio into useful data and service metrics.

Temi: Transcription that includes indexing and auto-tagging, making your audio more searchable.

TalkIQ: Transcription that synthesizes conversations throughout the organization and provides valuable insights on trends.

Business Intelligence and Analytics AI Tools

HIRO™ by Arago: General AI to optimize IT and business operational processes.

Arimo: Behavioural AI that extracts useful trend insights from all of your data, regardless of industry.

Ayasdi: A suite of AI-powered applications for enterprises with industry-specific customization to help companies maximize their data rendering.

DataRobot: AI-driven automation to power machine learning models for enterprises.

Dataminr: AI software to detect, classify, and determine the significance of public information in real-time.

Electra by Lore: AI-powered support bot for the enterprise that provides support-related data visualizations.

Einstein: An AI tool for Salesforce users, helping them derive deeper insights from their Salesforce data.

iSeek.ai: Processes, analyzes, predicts, and displays data from both structured and unstructured data sources.

Logz.io: AI-powered log analysis for cloud environment monitoring.

Nudge.ai: Relationship analytics for sales management

Paxata: Transforms data automatically from multiple, disparate sources into an intuitive, user-friendly format.

UBIX: Simplifies data science activities for enterprise companies.

Data Capture

CrowdAI: Helps companies combine and automate the discovery of objects at scale.

Datalogue: Automatically discover, understand, and prepare data for compliance use in any industry.

DataSift: Discovers and structures human-generated data such as social media channels and blogs.

Diffbot: Automatically creates structured data from any online content like web pages.

Import.io: Extract data from anywhere online. The AI learns as you extract data so it becomes faster each time you do it.

Playment: Combines human and AI data gathering to train whatever AI software you’re using in your enterprise company.

WorkFusion: AI tools to help operations team automate business processes.

Internal Data

Alation: Automatically centralizes and learns about internal data to help employees “work better together, use data with confidence, improve productivity, and index all your data knowledge.”

Cycorp: An AI knowledge base and interfaces that help companies power and transform their data and enterprise AI products.

Deckard.ai: AI for project management, transforming previously-unused data into predictive visualizations to help PMs do their jobs more efficiently.

Kyndi: AI to help knowledge workers process vast amounts of information to find the insights they need to make the best business decisions possible.

One Factor: SaaS AI tool for risk management and operations teams and enterprises.

Sapho: An AI-powered way for employees to unify all the enterprise applications they use every day.

eContext: Provides structure to any unstructured data in real-time.

RelativeInsight: An audience research tool that uses comparative language analysis to uncover insights that can then power a chatbot or some other AI-powered tool.

Rainbird: An AI-powered cognitive reasoning engine that enables companies to automate complex decision-making at scale

Conversational Interfaces & Chatbots

API.ai: Advanced AI tools to help build conversational user interfaces for many different chatbot software apps.

Basket: An e-commerce shopping cart chatbot.

Chatfuel: Helps you build a Facebook chatbot without coding.

Conversica: AI tools to automate email conversations for sales.

Golem.ai: A natural language interpretation tool for developers, so you can add voice control to any application.

Gong: Automated analysis of sales conversations and discovery calls to help improve your sales team.

Kasisto: Conversational AI platform to power chatbots in the finance industry.

Maluuba: An AI-powered way to explain data visualizations, as the bot understands both the underlying data and the visualization it’s presenting.

Meya: Build, train, and host bots in one platform.

MindMeld: Deep-domain conversational AI that powers voice and chat assistants (aka bots).

Octane AI: A marketing automation for Facebook Messenger.

Orbit: Software tools to help automate conversational and language AI.

Reply.ai: An AI platform to build and manage your conversational strategy at scale.

Semantic Machines: A conversational AI to power software in a variety of domains (business, retail, travel, etc.)

Smartly.ai: A SaaS platform to help you create, monitor, and deploy voice applications on smart speakers.

UNU.ai: using the Swarm Intelligence (group brainpower) to amplify knowledge within groups. Use to work collaboratively or to power your chatbots.

Unify: An AI chatbot for e-commerce.

uTu: A bot analytics and data management AI for voice channels (voice, messaging, and chat).

Wysh: An enterprise-scale chatbot with payment methods, perfect for service industries.

Zero AI: A voice interface that understands meaning, intent, and context. Zero.ai can be integrated into any mobile device.

Zoom.ai: Zoom is a bot that integrates everywhere and provides an automated assistant for your workplace.

Customer Relationship AI Tools

Cogito: Detects signals on calls and provides live behavioural guidance to improve the quality of each interaction.

DataFox: AI-powered CRM to uncover and connect with the right prospects at the right time.

Dynamic Yield: Advanced machine learning platform for eCommerce personalization and advanced CRM.

Dynamo: An AI-managed account-centric research assistant that monitors and gives you account insights the way you want and need them.

Jetlore: Helps retailers map consumer behaviour to structured actionable data.

Maia:  A virtual assistant who turns the customer data from your CRM into actionable advice for anyone in your company.

Reifier: manages master data for customer, vendor and product

Rep.ai: An AI-managed hub that centralizes all your customer data scattered across your tech stack and powers all of your customer communications from a single interface.

Sofi.ai by Soapbox: This tool provides employees with relevant, timely access to knowledge, along with predictive recommendations and actions to reduce the time to resolution.

Takt: Helps you learn about your customers and personalize their experience and engagement with your brand.

Customer Research

Remesh: AI help that lets you connect with your customers through scalable conversation.

Tanjo: An AI that helps sales and marketing employees develop personas and test out customer segments. Create animated, real-time personas and customers segment to try it all out.

Customer Support

Alterra.ai: AI-powered conversational contact agents who answer routine questions by interfacing with your existing tech stack.

Brain: A chatBot management suite for your support teams for any online chat channel.

Clarabridge: A centralized CX and customer support hub that gathers, analyzes, and presents insightful visualizations for your teams.

DigitalGenius: Allows companies to add a layer of AI to customer support, allowing them to focus on the most meaningful and valuable activities with customers.

Eloquent Labs: Uses AI to handle the most common customer service requests, using your own documentation to find the answers.

Init.ai: Improves your conversions with AI-powered conversations, analysis, and support activities.

Ivy.ai: A customer service chatbot built specifically for higher education institutions.

Myra: AI-powered customer service on your website.

NEVA : AI-driven automation for customer service and support with predictive messaging, data gathering, and automatic knowledge sharing with agents based on support requests.

Pez.AI: Enables chat-based businesses to automate their chatbots and conversations.

Poweredby.ai: AI-powered server monitoring.

Presence AI : AI-powered dashboard that handles appointment requests from customers via text.

Smith: A telephone answering service powered by an AI to help filter out unwanted and spam calls, maximizing your time.

Sundown: An AI that automate repetitive tasks for support teams.


Entelo: Sources, combines, and suggests job candidates from different web sources.

Glider: Uses AI-based matching, skill and coding assessments, and video interviews to help recruit the best talent for your company.

HiQ Labs: Sources and gathers insights for engaging with employees and drive positive experiences for them.

Rai by HiringSolved: AI-powered assistant to source, vet, and contact candidates.

Talent Sonar: Hiring platform using AI to help you in all phases of the hiring process.

Textio: AI-augmented writing platform to help you craft the best performing job ad possible.

Trunks by Kriya: AI to help vet, hire, and integrate remote workers into your technology company.

Uncommon: AI-powered job search for candidates looking for new jobs.

Team Collaboration

Butter.ai: Puts all of your company knowledge within reach of your employees by using AI-powered search across your tech stack.

Howdy: A trainable Slack bot to help your employees work more productively through Slack.

Knowmail: An AI-powered assistant to help you manage your emails more efficiently.

Plato: Create a better customer support experience through this AI-powered platform that identifies training opportunities for staff, provides easy-to-read visualizations and helps power up your call centre team.

x.ai: An AI-powered meeting scheduling assistant who taps in to your schedule in order to handle all of the back and forth of scheduling.

Yva.ai: An AI-powered assistant who keeps track of important work tasks, reminding employees as appropriate.

Collaboration.ai: Enhances team collaboration and performance by using AI to track collaboration, skills, performance, and more.

Cerb:  Bot-powered email and workflow automation for shared email accounts.

Butterfly.ai:  Turns employee feedback into customized leadership training for managers.

As the AI tech market continues to evolve, there will be more tools to help you automate more of your workday. We’ll add to this list in the future, so bookmark this page to see what comes next.

Are you using AI tools in your workday? Did we miss it on this list? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to check it out.

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