Our Vision

To help businesses grow by building trusted relationships with their customers.

Our Story

Nudge was co-founded in 2014 by former Eloqua executives, Paul Teshima and Steve Woods. After having successfully guided Eloqua to a market leading position in marketing automation from $0 to over $100 million in revenue, then through IPO and acquisition by Oracle for $957 million, Teshima and Woods recognized another massive challenge to solve – this time, however, it was on the sales side.

The best sales professionals understand that people buy from people they know, like and trust. In a world that’s becoming overloaded with information, it’s becoming harder to build trusted, authentic relationships with buyers and existing customers. This is where Teshima and Woods saw the biggest challenge, and the biggest opportunity yet to be solved.

Our Investors

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    • Paul Teshima
      Paul Teshima Co-founder & CEO
    • Steve Woods
      Steve Woods Co-founder & CTO


      • Amy Franklin
        Amy Franklin Director, Customer Success
        • Andrea Corey
          Andrea Corey VP, Product Development
          • Andrew Robinson
            Andrew Robinson Senior Architect
            • Collin Sauve
              Collin Sauve Senior Developer
              • David Nichols
                David Nichols Senior Developer
                • Dr. Zoe Katsimitsoulia
                  Dr. Zoe Katsimitsoulia Senior Data Scientist
                  • Jaxson Khan
                    Jaxson Khan Head of Marketing
                    • Marco Kam
                      Marco Kam Senior Front-end Developer
                      • Menaka  Raman-Wilms
                        Customer Success Manager
                        • Michael Guissine
                          Michael Guissine Director, Product Operations
                          • Michael Scrivo
                            Michael Scrivo Senior Developer
                            • Nicholas Haughton
                              Nicholas Haughton Growth Operations Manager
                              • Pavla Bobosikova
                                Pavla Bobosikova UI/UX Designer
                                • Scott Hill
                                  Scott Hill VP, Product Development
                                  • Siyaman Sadagopan
                                    Siyaman Sadagopan Front-End Developer
                                    • Taylor McGuire
                                      Taylor McGuire Business Development Manager

                                      Advisory Board

                                      • Amanda Richardson
                                        Amanda Richardson Chief Data and Strategy Officer, HotelTonight
                                        • Brad Woloson
                                          Brad Woloson Former General Partner, JMI Equity
                                          • Craig Elias
                                            Craig Elias CEO, SHiFT Selling
                                            • Emmanuelle Skala
                                              Emmanuelle Skala VP Customer Success, Toast
                                              • Jill Rowley
                                                Jill Rowley Chief Evangelist, #SocialSelling
                                                • Meagen Eisenberg
                                                  Meagen Eisenberg CMO, MongoDB
                                                  • Neal Dempsey
                                                    Neal Dempsey Managing General Partner, Bay Partners
                                                    • Lars Nilsson
                                                      Lars Nilsson VP Global Inside Sales, Cloudera

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