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Accelerating Deals with Trust in Account-Based Selling with Jeff Zelaya of Triblio

By Menaka Raman-Wilms in Sales

Jeff Zelaya takes his job as an Account-Based Marketing & Sales Development Consultant at Triblio seriously. How seriously? Well, he is so passionate about helping other salespeople succeed that he often ends up coaching the sales people that call to sell HIM on their products!

He believes that any sales person, but especially account-based salespeople, need to develop trust with their prospects and customers before they can even think about asking for the sale.

A guest on the Sales Success Stories podcast, Jeff talked to host Scott Ingram about using trust to accelerate account-based sales through personalization, transparency, and helping prospects any way you can.

1. Personalize the Sales Process

This may seem like a no-brainer, but Jeff explained that salespeople need to do a better job of this. Especially in the account-based sales world, there’s just no room for generic emails and information.

Jeff talked about how you’ve got to learn as much as you can about your prospects and really tailor your interactions with them in order to build that trust. And it’s not just at the start of the sales process, but should continue throughout the entire process.

Prospects want to know you took the time to think about them, to show that they matter to you. That’s the first building block of trust: showing that you know your prospect.

2. Help and Provide Value Every Time

Next up is to provide value to your prospects and help them in any way you can. Jeff’s main tip here is to focus on the prospect and not worry about the sale. For example, Jeff likes to offer suggestions on ways his prospects can improve what they’re doing right now. Or provide them with some stats or research that helps them do their jobs better.

He thinks outside the “sales” box and tries to offer them something of value to show that they’re top of mind with Jeff. That he’s not just thinking about them as a “sale”, but as someone to build a relationship with. And that’s the second key to building trust for account-based selling: develop the relationship as if he wasn’t going to sell anything to them.

Sure, they both know that at the end of the day Jeff IS a salesman and is going to sell them something, however by developing the relationship in parallel to this, it sets everyone up for success.

3. Be Transparent about the Sales Process

As Jeff mentioned, both you and your prospect know that at some point a sale is going to happen, but if you’re transparent about it, the sale is a natural progression of the relationship.

That’s because you’ve been authentic and transparent throughout the entire relationship. Yes, you’ve personalized the sales process for the prospect, been helpful in offering valuable information to them, but at the end of the day, you both know what will happen. And you’re both okay with that.

That’s the final key to building trust for account-based selling: be transparent throughout the entire sales process.

Over to You

Jeff’s got some great ways to help build trust for account-based selling, but what about you? Have you had success with some different techniques? Give us a shout on Twitter by clicking below!

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