Account Access constantly tracks customer interactions to better understand and leverage the strength of relationships.


Access Your Target Accounts

Tired of nobody responding to your outbound efforts? There’s a smarter way to break into accounts.


Nudge tracks relationship strength to identify which contacts in your company, or in its extended network, have the best access to target accounts.

Keep Your Best Customers Engaged

Never be the one who loses a customer to low engagement. Since Nudge tracks relationship strength, you’ll know when it’s time to reach out to key accounts before it’s too late.


Optimize your outreach efforts by focusing on prospects with whom you may be losing touch.


Know Who Owns the Customer Relationship

Who is already having conversations at your target accounts? Until now, unless your team actively logged these activities, there’s no easy way of you knowing.


Nudge automatically tracks conversations to show you who on your team is already speaking to contacts at key accounts so you don’t step on anyone’s deal.

Ready to start closing deals?