Account Access constantly tracks customer interactions to better understand and leverage the strength of relationships.

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Access Your Target Accounts

Tired of nobody responding to your outbound efforts? There’s a smarter way to break into accounts.


Nudge tracks relationship strength to identify which contacts in your company, or in its extended network, have the best access to target accounts.  A well-placed introduction can start a deal cycle better than any sales pitch.

Real-time Sales Insights

Always have the perfect reason to reach out to your prospects without wasting hours on research.  Nudge’s AI does this automatically for you, ensuring that you know what’s happening in real time.


Nudge automatically scans news and social feeds to find the latest updates on the contacts and companies you care about, providing you with a constant stream of sales intelligence that leads to real-time engagement opportunities.

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Know Who Owns the Customer Relationship

Who is already having conversations at your target accounts? Until now, unless your team actively logged these activities, there’s no easy way of you knowing.


Nudge automatically tracks conversations to show you who on other teams within your organization is already speaking to contacts at key accounts so you can get introduced and broaden the engagement.

Daily Insight Delivery

Tell Nudge which people and companies you want to sell to, and what kind of insights allow you to start conversations, and we’ll do the rest.


Nudge’s artificial intelligence algorithms will scan for any of your prospects in the news or social media, and deliver to you a daily summary of the top sales insights that you can use to build the relationships you need.

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In our first 30 days with, we drove nearly $1M in new closed deals. That is one of the reasons that has already paid for itself many times over – it's a great platform that just works.

Mark Macdonald SVP Sales, BIA

It has already paid off, big time. All this intel and data is out there in the universe, and you have to go find it. Our 450 sales reps have too much on their plates to go digging into every prospect’s Twitter every day.

Cindi Stevenson Director of Sales Operations, Insperity

Our team was having trouble breaking into the account. I used Nudge to find a common connection to the account. Three days later I had a scheduled call with the VP of Revenue.

Taylor Thompson Sales Executive, SalesLoft

Automatic Activity Tracking

Being able to access the target accounts that your team needs in order to succeed is hard work as well as good strategy.  Nudge measures the activity of each team member against each relationship and each account, and can quickly show you if your team is doing the work required to succeed.


By understanding raw activity as well as relationship analysis, you are able to quickly build a leading indicator of sales performance, and make adjustments while there is still time in a quarter.

Insights Where you Work

The only way a sales insight is of value is if  you notice it.  Nudge embeds rich, contextual insights in all the places you work to ensure you never miss an opportunity to connect and build a relationship.


As you work in, Gmail, or Outlook, Nudge’s insights are instantly presented to you.  As you visit prospect websites, the insights are a click away, and if you work with Salesloft or Outreach, Nudge’s insights make your efforts more personalized.

Grow Your Network

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