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Complete Resources Guide to Account-Based Selling

By Kevin Hurley in Sales

Everyone seems to be talking about account-based selling (ABS) and marketing these days – and with good reason. According to CEB, an average of 5.4 people are involved in today’s B2B purchasing decisions, making it hard for sales pros to target just one person. An account-based sales strategy can help drive win rates by engaging all of the key decision-makers at a company over that same period of time, helping them to build consensus and giving you a “Yes!” But there hasn’t yet been a complete resources guide to adopt an ABS strategy. So we put one together!

5.4 people make B2B purchasing decisions – how are you targeting accounts vs. leads? #ABS
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We curated a collection of the best account-based selling content, one that we’ll continue to update. We hope these resources provide you with the insight you’ve been looking for and enable you to land great accounts.

Account-Based Selling Definitions

Account-based selling has really been around for decades, but in the last few years it’s taken on a new life. B2B sales pros have always sold to “accounts”, focused on quality contact and relationship building, and always tried to personalize the experience for each account. Where things have changed today is in how sales organizations implement ABS, namely using Big Data and automation to make it easier and more targeted.


While an ABS strategy is more complex to set up, once in place it increases conversion rates and drives revenue at target accounts. Furthermore, it allows sales organizations to personalize their sales efforts at scale, reducing the amount of activities they have to do for each lead, and generally makes their lives easier.

Experts & Thought Leaders

Mark Roberge Jill Rowley John Barrows

Here are a number of leaders we believe are driving innovative ABS development:

“Folks confuse ABS as only applicable to the enterprise. Focusing all demand gen efforts (BDR calls, email campaign, retargeting, paid social) on the same slice of your target market over a given period creates a synergistic effect that raises the performance of each demand gen channel and enables leveraging ABS to target small businesses.”
– Mark Roberge

Training & Education Authorities

ABS training is essential for any sales organization looking to implement this strategy. Consequently, if you’re working alone in the account-based world at your company, this is particularly essential. Check out these resources and learn everything you need to get started and to make a successful switch.

Industry Reports, Stats, and Insight

B2B companies have begun utilizing targeted account strategies, as 86 percent of marketing and sales professionals stated (LeanData).
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Keep reading for the real scoop on the true business value of ABS and the ROI it brings your sales organization. In addition, note that many of these stats are buried in with the ABM statistics, as many companies are using both strategies at the same time. But take a closer look and you’ll see the impact of ABS.

Infographics and Visuals

72% of outbound teams currently have account-based programs in place, but only half are fully implemented. Why?
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Whether you’re looking for stats on how well ABS works or for some visuals you can show upper management to sell them on the idea of ABS, these infographics are for you.

Account-Based Selling Vendors

There are a number of vendors that produce products to help you with your ABS strategy. Many of these incorporate the various aspects of ABS such as targeting, intelligence, engagement, automation support, measurement, and marketing.

  • DataFox: Puts all the information sales teams need in one place, without having to do research across multiple website tabs or other tools.
  • DataNyze: Centralizes buying signals to help companies connect with customers at the right time.
  • ZenIQ: A centralized interface for all account-based programs.
  • 6sense: Synthesizes buying cycle information on prospects, leads, and customers so sales pro have an overview of where they are in the cycle.
  • Everstring:  A full lifecycle, predictive platform to help B2B companies build new pipeline and increase conversion rates.
  • InsightSquared: A sales performance analytics solution that provides hundreds of pre-built reports on virtually every revenue metric, specifically designed for fast-growth SaaS companies.
  • Mintigo: A predictive marketing and sales platform to help sales pros manage leads at any stage of the lifecycle.
  • JumpLead: Helps companies nurture website leads through email automation, contact tagging, and automatic sales follow-up.
  • Vendemore: Helps with mass advertising campaigns to deliver focused and targeted messages to individuals in high priority accounts, whether it be prospects or customers.
  • Engagio: Integrates with CRMs and marketing automation to deliver analytics centered around accounts and aids in communication across companies as they maneuver the sales process.
  • Gainsight: A customer success technology that helps businesses grow by giving them insights into the needs and problems of their customers so they can deliver the right content to them at the right time.
  • Amacus: Reporting software that helps determine the impact of your organization and how it translates into actual sales.
  • Ambition: A sales performance management platform that helps to enhance sales force productivity, transparency, and recognition.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t include our own platform, which delivers AI powered insights to sales teams.

Further Reading

For those of you looking for some more in-depth reading, check out this list of account-based selling and marketing books.

We hope you enjoyed this complete resources guide. Use it to deepen your knowledge of ABS, pick up a few new skills or tools, and find some new experts and thought leaders to connect with.

Have you been using any other ABS resources we should include on this list? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, good luck on those accounts!

Kevin Hurley
Director of Marketing
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