For Account Executives

Sales is growing more complicated with more people involved in any deal. Focus on selling, not keeping track of data.

Focus on selling, not administration

To hit your number, you need to be selling. Every moment you spend creating contacts manually in your CRM system, or logging emails or meetings is a moment not selling. Let Nudge take care of that for you seamlessly with nothing to click and no manual work.

CRM data that is accurate, complete, and fully up-to-date allows you to keep your sales leadership happy, while giving you the view of your deals that you need. Focus on selling, not on manual admin tasks.

See deal dynamics clearly

Know the dynamics of every deal that you are in. Each conversation and relationship that your team has with the buying committee is visible, accurate, and current. If other people on your team are involved in the deal, you will see it immediately. If it’s just you, you will instantly be reminded of the overall deal dynamic and what you need to do to win.

Look for risk, evaluate the path forward, or communicate status with sales management. Knowing the status of any deal is the first step to closing it.

Be alerted on single-threaded deals

Any opportunity in which you only have one strong relationship is high risk. A single-threaded deal is an indication that that person has not engaged a wider team internally, and likely does not have the internal buy-in to get a deal done.

Without thinking through each of your deals, it’s hard to notice a single-threaded deal sneaking through the funnel. Let Nudge alert you immediately if any late stage deals are single-threaded so you can quickly engage a broader buying committee or remove them from pipe.

Never drop the ball

In the hectic reality of selling, it’s easy to forget to stay on top of accounts. Suddenly a week or two weeks have gone by, and you have not been in touch with an account that was supposed to close. That account goes cold, and a perfectly good opportunity needs to be removed from the forecast.

Don’t let this happen to you. Let Nudge alert you when any mid-stage or late-stage deal has gone two weeks without communication. Be on top of all your deals, and hit your quota.

Insight into every conversation and relationship

Complex deals have many people involved, from your team, and on the buying committee. It’s easy to step on toes because of a lack of knowledge of conversations that are happening, or relationships that exist.

Know every conversation, and see every relationship, so you can easily navigate the buying dynamic, maximize your opportunity, and reduce any risk of confusion.

Access when needed

When an executive on your team has a strong relationship with someone in the buying organization, it can be a quick shortcut to success, but only if you know about it. Nudge will identify and show you every relevant relationship you need to know about.

Your services team likely has strong relationships with past customer champions; if any of those champions change jobs and are at the accounts you are trying to sell into, Nudge will display those relationships and set you up for a quick referral win.

Where you work. How you work.

Nudge integrates seamlessly into your CRM environment to give you all the data you need to manage deals and win opportunities. Nudge ties into your email and calendar tools to understand every interaction without you having to do a thing.

Increase your sales success without any changes to your daily routine or the platforms that you use to manage your sales efforts.

In our first 30 days with, we drove nearly $1M in new closed deals. That is one of the reasons that has already paid for itself many times over – it's a great platform that just works.
Mark Macdonald
SVP Sales, BIA
It has already paid off, big time. All this intel and data is out there in the universe, and you have to go find it. Our 450 sales reps have too much on their plates to go digging into every prospect’s Twitter every day.
Cindi Stevenson
Director of Sales Operations, Insperity
Our team was having trouble breaking into the account. I used Nudge to find a common connection to the account. Three days later I had a scheduled call with the VP of Revenue.
Taylor Thompson
Sales Executive, SalesLoft

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