Account upsell and growth helps your team maximize the renewal and growth rates of all your existing accounts

account upsell

Retain Customers With Multiple Champions

Don’t lose an account when your champion disappears. Nudge lets you zero in to find accounts that have only a few points of contact or even a single thread.


Start with this report for visibility, then start engaging multiple influencers across your accounts so you can prevent relationship attrition issues early.


Engage throughout the buying journey

Buyers control their own buying journey. Your team will succeed at growing each account if you can understand and guide that buying journey.


With Nudge, you can see how each buyer has progressed and suggest well-timed next steps in their exploration. Trust is built at each step of the journey.

Never lose touch

Managing multiple accounts often means that you focus on the “squeaky wheel” accounts and the highest paying accounts.  If you are not diligent, other accounts can be accidentally neglected.


Nudge automatically monitors your relationships with your customers and alerts you, based on your own thresholds, when you begin to lose touch with any account.  Quick templates help to re-engage and re-build each relationship.


Understand Every Relationship

Growing an account is a full team effort.  Customer success, support, sales, and the executive team all maintain relationships that are important to growing the account.


Nudge helps you understand this dynamic by showing you, at a glance, who has what relationships, and how strong they are.  Knowing this foundation helps you navigate an account and maximize their growth and upsell potential.

In our first 30 days with, we drove nearly $1M in new closed deals. That is one of the reasons that has already paid for itself many times over – it's a great platform that just works.

Mark Macdonald SVP Sales, BIA

It has already paid off, big time. All this intel and data is out there in the universe, and you have to go find it. Our 450 sales reps have too much on their plates to go digging into every prospect’s Twitter every day.

Cindi Stevenson Director of Sales Operations, Insperity

Our team was having trouble breaking into the account. I used Nudge to find a common connection to the account. Three days later I had a scheduled call with the VP of Revenue.

Taylor Thompson Sales Executive, SalesLoft

Understand Deal Coverage at each Account

Evaluate each opportunity in your pipeline for ideal buyer engagement. allows you to identify at any point in the quarter if deals are at risk of slipping. shows your entire team’s relationship efforts towards any account, including sales, marketing, and customer success efforts. Further, any involved party including legal and finance can be shown in order to demonstrate deal slippage risk.


Navigate Conversations at Active Accounts

Active accounts can be in conversations with multiple team members simultaneously, across sales, service, and customer success.  Stepping on another person’s toes can harm the chance of growing each account.


Nudge automatically tracks conversations to show you who on your team is current speaking to contacts at each account so you know of every initiative to drive more success and more growth at the account.

Get Insights in CRM

See everything you need to know about an account, the buyers at that organization, and your team’s relationships with them, right from


Nudge embeds seamlessly alongside your CRM data to add rich, actionable, contextual insights to each customer account.


Customer success team members are often responsible for managing many accounts, and being able to do so seamlessly from makes them more efficient and more effective at delivering success to each customer.


Ready to start closing deals?