Know Your Performance. Perform Better
Perform better by understanding your efforts and improving week-over-week.
Know Your Performance. Perform Better
Know Your Performance.
Are you expanding your network every week? Are you adding contacts to your rolodex? Are you connecting with more people at each of your key accounts? Success is built by improving a tiny bit, every single week. Know your performance.
Insights, Not Data.
You don’t have time to dig into data and understand arcane charts and graphs. You need a few simple metrics that tell you how you are doing and how this week compares to last week. Nudge gives you a simple view of just the metrics you need to get better every single week.
Insights Where You Work
Understanding and improving your own performance is valuable, but it can’t be a distraction. You need to have the insights you need, in clear, actionable display, just where you need them. That means insights where you work, not in a separate system.