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Adding Value to the Sales Cycle with Vendasta Partner Chris Unsworth

By Menaka Raman-Wilms in Sales

chris-unsworthChris Unsworth, Partner Revenue Growth at Vendasta, knows firsthand how important networking is to the sales cycle. Though he used to use a variety of tools to manage his customer research, meetings and reach-outs, he now saves time by doing most of that through Nudge.

Nudge: How does Nudge fit into your sales process?

Chris: I usually check-in first thing in the morning, and then I’ll look at it periodically throughout the day. As I go through my prospect cycle and find someone I need to have a conversation with, or if I’m in the process of talking to someone, I like being able to take notes and see those notes on a person right in Nudge. I’m always checking personal interests, their family, or what’s going on in their life – Nudge is probably one of the best places to do that.

#Sales happens on a personal level, need to build rapport with customers @vendastachris
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We have our own tracking processes for accounts and sales, but those are focused on a company – many times, the person I’ve built a relationship with moves to a new company, and of course, sales happen on a personal level. So keeping notes on the person and being able to build a rapport with them, build an affinity with them, is very important. And being able to keep those personal notes in Nudge can really help you build that personal relationship.

I also like utilizing the lists, I use them to get news and social updates on specific people. I’m always on the hunt for new tools that help me do my job better.

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Nudge: Before Nudge, what tools would you use?

Chris: Before Nudge I would use a variety of different tools. I’ve utilized Salesforce and some internal tools, but I didn’t have a place to keep personal notes on someone other then maybe just the contacts section of my phone. Then I was using Feedly to get content and news updates, and Google alerts, and I was using Charlie App to get updates on meetings and people. But Nudge basically rolls all of that into one. It’s really a one-stop shop for everything to do with relationship management.

Nudge: Has Nudge changed your process of connecting with leads or customers?

Chris: I think it has. Instead of reaching out with a business proposition first, I’m now trying to add a lot more value early in the sales cycle. I’m trying to get some name recognition and build that relationship ahead of time, because I know that eventually I’m going to have an ask. So now I focus on adding value first, which makes that next step easier.

@Nudgeai helps add value early in the sales cycle, makes next steps easier - @vendastachris
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Nudge: Has Nudge changed the way you think about networking?

Chris: I always knew the importance of networking, and the importance of building strong relationships, but I think having Nudge has helped me put a little more process around it. It’s made things a bit more systematic, more focused, as opposed to just freewheeling.

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