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AI insights on every website with for Chrome Researcher

By Jaxson Khan in Product Spotlight

We’re excited to announce a major update to for Chrome – the Chrome Researcher.

The story: we know that the majority of B2B prospects come through a referral. In general, far less buying happens through cold outreach efforts than warm, inbound interest.

According to many sources, over 80% of buying decisions are influenced by or even initiated by a referral. Buying recommendations typically come from friends and colleagues.

So, how can you accelerate the referral process and get introduced to your prospects? Well, if you visit a website you can now see who in your network has strong relationships with a prospective buyer right from the page.

And what about if your team is already in touch? Now you can see if conversations with your sales team and your buyer are already happening.

Meet the for Chrome Researcher. for Chrome Researcher

AI-powered insights on every website

The for Chrome Researcher kicks into action anytime you visit a buyer’s website. It provides you with actionable insights on:

  • Relationships – View your relationships at a company
  • Conversations – Know what conversations are happening with your team
  • News – See the latest news on a company and its relevant social activity
  • Events – Get notified by event triggers from engagement with your marketing activities

Depending on the insights available, you’ll see notifications in Chrome like below:


Here’s what you can expect when you click on a notification:

  • See who in your network and/or company has real relationships at a company

  • Instantly find out who on your team is actively speaking with someone at a company

  • Quickly view the latest company news and social activity.

  • Gain visibility into who from a company is engaging in your marketing activities.


Start Now

Already have for Chrome installed? You can start right away.

Start visiting some websites to see the for Chrome Researcher in action.

If you don’t have it already, install for Chrome below, and get researching.

Jaxson Khan
Sr. Marketing Manager
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