Webinar + Transcript: How Artificial Intelligence is Driving Actionable Tactics for Sales Managers - Nudge.ai - Relationship Intelligence for Sales

Webinar + Transcript: How Artificial Intelligence is Driving Actionable Tactics for Sales Managers

By Jaxson Khan in Artificial Intelligence

We had the pleasure of hosting our first webinar focused on Artificial Intelligence for Sales which revealed How Artificial Intelligence is Driving Actionable Tactics for Sales Managers. The webinar focussed on how sales professionals can adopt new tactics without radically disrupting their existing sales strategy.

The webinar featured leading experts in AI sales technology:

  • Oleg Rogynskyy, CEO of People.ai – AI for managing sales teams
  • Roy Raanani, CEO of Chorus.ai – Conversation intelligence for sales
  • Paul Teshima, CEO of Nudge.ai – AI powered sales insights

The session was moderated by Jill Rowley, a B2B sales expert named by Forbes as one of the Top 30 Social Salespeople in the world. It features insights from data including:

  • 500,000 sales conversations
  • 20 million relationships
  • 4 billion sales touchpoints

Webinar Recording (57 min)

Webinar Summary

Jill opened the webinar to talk about the opportunities for salespeople to maximize their time. Sales managers can now leverage artificial intelligence for sales to identify the best opportunities, better capture conversations, and make recommendations and insights about how to manage their teams. But many teams haven’t yet integrated these cutting-edge solutions into their existing strategies to save time and increase revenue.

Paul Teshima, Nudge.ai

Paul highlighted how salespeople aren’t yet leveraging technology to best utilize their existing relationships and network in order to reach decision-makers. His insights spoke to how sales leaders are using automation to improve efficiency, but that research-driven sales outreach can increase response rates by 300-400%. But that research takes time. The opportunity for AI is to produce valuable insights that eliminate the need for extensive, time-exhaustive research. AI can enable sales reps to be both efficient and effective.

He also talked about the importance of continued network development for sales professionals throughout their career, and how 90% of networks aren’t actually composed of real relationships.

Oleg Rogynskyy, People.ai

Oleg wants to help reps optimize their behaviour by connecting across all the activities that sales reps do day-to-day. Research conducted by People with their customer Gainsight found that closed deals were more likely to close with C-suite level meetings two weeks before the forecast date. Thereby, the AI and subsequent action were able to drive a significant increase in forecast reliability.

Further, an analysis of over $500M in pipeline led to the following learnings:

  • Closed-won deals have an average of 20-25% more activities vs. Closed-lost
  • Meetings 2 weeks prior to signatures close deals
  • 15% close rates increase occurs if an internal C-suite level sponsor is involved in a new business opportunity

Roy Raanani, Chorus.ai

Roy focuses on enabling reps to record and analyze conversations with their buyers, with AI then synthesizing insights in order to replicate best practices across sales teams. Chorus discovered with their customer Outreach that deal advance rates increased as more themes of the product were covered.  The discovery was then used to personalized coaching for reps.

Other learnings for action items and next steps included:

  • Surface action items early: put action items in the middle of a meeting.
  • Avoid “drips”: don’t put your action items into the final minutes of the call.
  • Gain prospect ownership: win rates will go up if a prospect is the one to mention an action item.

Three Key Takeaways

Jill closed the webinar with the three key takeaways concerning artificial intelligence for sales:

  1. Engage through relationships
  2. Manage your team
  3. Make every conversation count
Jaxson Khan
Sr. Marketing Manager
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