10 Artificial Intelligence Tools Transforming the B2B Sales World

By Kevin Hurley in Artificial Intelligence

“AI is destined to be the perfect tool to fuel organizations’ sales efforts and power sales teams with genuinely intelligent tools to more effectively organize their work and sell more.”
Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist and Startup Advisor*

This quote is from an article Jill wrote on LinkedIn titled “#AI Will Reinvent Sales…and Sales Professionals” and sums up nicely what we think about AI in sales too. Technology is fully embedded in today’s sales organizations and it goes beyond just a database of customer or prospect information. Sales software does everything from schedule meetings and write emails to identifying sales behaviors that close more deals. That’s how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the sales landscape today.

10 #ArtificialIntelligence Tools Transforming the #B2BSales World
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(Of course, we’re first, it’s our list!) Nudge is a Modern Sales Platform that uses AI to provide sales teams with actionable insights on their target customers. We leverage AI and machine learning to source news and social updates on both the individual and account level by filtering through massive amounts of data from across the web. Additionally, Nudge can show sales teams who in their organization has the best access to decision makers at target accounts. We are also focused on enhancing your existing workflow, which you’ll find with our Chrome extension, Salesforce integration, and Slackbot.

Impact of AI: Rather than use AI to automate tasks, Nudge really focuses on leveraging big data and AI to help sales professionals build more authentic relationships with buyers.

www.nudge.ai       Twitter@Nudgai



PeopleAI is on a mission to help teams close more business with greater visibility into their effort and efficiency. It collects sales activity information to see where sales teams spend their time and then uses that information to identify stagnant deals, gives early warning alerts about deals that are slowing down, and creates an activity-based success roadmap for every opportunity. PeopleAI uses this access to information to provide AI-driven sales coaching to help sales reps decode why deals are stuck and what to do next, enables them to benchmark themselves against top performers, and identify what makes top performers great.

Impact of AI: PeopleAI has developed a complete behavioral analytics solution that determines which sales rep behaviors are most likely to close a deal.

http://people.ai      Twitter: @ppl_ai



Calendar improves time management by synthesizing the data from your calendar use. They’re building a foundational tool for everyday life that improves foresight across scales of time from the hour, up to the 10-year plan. It was this vision of improving lives that led to the development of the Calendar app. Businesses of all sizes, from startups and freelancers to small business owners and large companies, have downloaded this scheduling app. And if this post isn’t enough proof that AI is changing the sales landscape, check out their deep dive into how AI changing the business world at large.

Impact of AI: With Calendar’s smart scheduling link, sales pros can eliminate the back and forth emails to find the best meeting times.

https://www.calendar.com/     Twitter: @calendar


Crystal Knows

Crystal gives sales pros personality profiles for everyone they come into contact with. It outlines profile information across the web, in tools like LinkedIn, Salesforce, and more. To help sales pros take advantage of that information, Crystal gives them access to personality-driven email templates based on the recipient’s personality. This type of personalized communication is designed to resonate with recipients, deepening the relationship between the sales pro and customer or prospect. While Crystal works with both web- and desktop- based software applications, where it really shines is in email applications. Crystal can offer suggestions on the language to use as sales pros type, offers phrasing suggestions and templates directly in the tools, making it easy to use.

Impact of AI: Crystal’s AI offers personality insights at the point of need, helping sales pros improve their communication with customers, prospects, and co-workers.

https://www.crystalknows.com/sales     Twitter: @CrystalKnowsMe



Billed as a Slack bot for Salesforce, Troops helps sales pros automate their workflow and aligns them with cross-functional teams like Marketing and Product Management. It helps pull information from Salesforce and makes it easy to use, publicize, and transform in a Slack channel. From auto report generations that are published in Slack to searching for Salesforce customer information in a specialized Slack channel, Troops centralizes information for sales pros in one spot. Sales managers like Troops for the easy, no-coding-required way they can integrate Salesforce in Slack, creating new reports, dashboards, and alerts that keep their teams informed about what’s going on in real-time.

Impact of AI: Troops’ AI helps sales pros maintain their sales pipeline more easily as it automatically tracks Salesforce data and presents it to them in an easy-to-digest way. A few clicks and it does the rest.

http://troops.ai     Twitter: @Troops



Automatically analyses sales activity effectiveness and offers insights and suggestions to sales pros to help them tailor their work. Sales pros can personalize their own experience with PersistIQ and view the data through different sales perspectives (account- or persona-based and inbound.)

Impact of AI: PersistIQ helps pool sales pros together to move faster and sell faster than they were before. It automatically clones successful workflows and refines the sales process to lead them to success.

http://persistiq.com     Twitter: @PersistIQ


Clara Labs

Clara is an automated and automatic meeting scheduler. She uses natural language to respond to email requests, is available 24/7, and follows up automatically with meeting parties.

Impact of AI: Clara saves sales pros time and effort, booking meetings simply and easily.

https://claralabs.com/     Twitter: @claralabs



Conversica is a customized online persona that automatically contacts, engages, nurtures, qualifies, and follows up with leads via natural, two-way email conversations until the lead converts into an opportunity. Not only is it faster at identifying sales leads, butit also closes the loop on post-sales follow-ups, creating a personalized experience for customers automatically. Sales pros are freed up to focus on the actual selling.

Impact of AI: Sales leads are identified faster through email language analysis and sales pros are alerted immediately when one is identified.

http://www.conversica.com     Twitter: @myconversica



Quill from Narrative Science is a natural language generator for enterprise organizations including sales teams. It analyzes online and digital data to identify the facts, words, and language that are important to your sales organization. It produces content for your sales organization that meets your business rules and style preferences like tone, style, formatting, and the words you use.

Impact of AI: Quill increases the value of the sales data organizations already have and creates customized sales scripts, reports, etc. that frees up your sales team’s’ time.

https://www.narrativescience.com/quill     Twitter: @narrativesci



Chorus uses artificial intelligence to record, transcribe and analyze sales calls in real-time, revealing why deals are won and lost. Rather than spending hours reviewing full sales calls, Chorus can break down a 1-hour call into a 5-minute highlight by providing actionable feedback to help move a deal forward. Sales teams can ramp new hires faster by building custom training programs by using highlight reels of their best reps’ best moments.

Impact of AI: Chorus allows sales reps to focus entirely on the meeting while getting insights from the call that can be used by managers and VPs of Sales to train new employees and improve performance.

https://www.chorus.ai/     Twitter: @chorus_ai

Are we missing a key A.I. sales tool that you love? Please let us know so we can keep this list relevant!

* (Full disclosure, Jill is an advisor and investor in Nudge.)
Kevin Hurley
Director of Marketing