Automated Salesforce Activity Logging and CRM Contact Creation Nudge uses your calendar and email to automatically log activities in Salesforce. No user action required. Get Started
Save Time Automated CRM contact creation and activity logging
Enrich Your Data Enrich your leads and contacts with accurate contact data
Understand Pipeline Use your CRM data to make the right coaching decisions
Your Data is Missing
Every time your team communicates with your prospects and customers, new contacts are made. Usually, this crucial data sits in email and is lost forever.Nudge analysis has found that on average, 74% of contacts are missing from CRM, and only in email. More pressingly, for every 100 key accounts, 28 C-level and VP-level contacts, and 83 contacts in your top 3 buyer roles, are completely missing from your CRM.Nudge contact capture ensures every contact you interact with is kept, without any rep adoption.
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Intelligent Activity Logging
No salesperson likes logging their activity, but without it, deals are hard to understand. Spending management effort to cajole the team into logging is frustrating and unproductive.Nudge automates the creation of contacts your sales team is in touch with, and the logging of rep activity, while giving you complete control of what territories, target accounts, or interactions are logged.
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Pro For individuals or small teams who want to automatically capture contacts and activities in Salesforce $30 per user/month Free 30 Day Trial Get Started!
Business For companies who want to understand and close each deal in their pipeline $40 per user/month + $1,000 /month base fee Chat with us