Automatically create contacts, leads, and log activity in Salesforce. Nudge connects with your email and calendar to automatically create Salesforce records, without any manual effort required.
Eliminate tedious work Nudge runs in the cloud while you work, no manual effort required
Enrich Your Data Nudge automatically adds employment data to Salesforce
Save time Nudge saves you up to an hour a day so you spend more time doing what you do best
Automatic Activity Logging
Nudge connects to your GMail, Outlook, or Office365 account to automatically log activities with your prospects. Nudge runs in the cloud – you don’t have to login or download anything, and it doesn’t matter if you’re sending an email from your computer, tablet, or phone. Nudge’s AI automatically filters out emails like shipping emails, newsletters, and personal emails. Only emails that are relevant to your prospects are logged.
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Intelligent Contact and Lead Creation
Nudge intelligently creates leads and contacts behind the scenes for you, so you don’t have to. Nudge does everything out of the box, but if you have specific requirements you can configure contact & lead creation to work perfectly for you.
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