Automatic Contact Organization
Never lose a contact again. Every interaction, captured seamlessly and organized for you.
Automatic Contact Organization
Inbound. Outbound. Meetings. Every Interaction
Unlike simple systems that log only outbound interactions, or require a manual process every time you want something logged, Nudge works seamlessly behind the scenes to capture every contact you email, or who emails you, and every meeting. Never lose contacts again, regardless of how the interaction took place.
All Data, No Noise
You have a lot of communications that are not people – support requests, shipments from Amazon, spam. You want just the data from your communications and no noise. Nudge used deep algorithms to show you just the people – and none of the noise – so you can work on relationships not administration.
Fully Automated
Business keeps you busy. You don’t have time for manually logging every contact you talk with on email chains or meetings. Nudge keeps you focused on what matters – building relationships and driving your business. Nudge automatically takes care of organizing all your contacts without you having to think about it.