Autonomous Deal Intelligence
Miss a quarter and your business suffers. Miss a deal and you might miss the quarter. Miss data and deals can slip. Don’t miss a thing with autonomous deal intelligence.
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Autonomous Deal Intelligence For Your CRM
Perfect Data on Every Deal
Autonomous deal intelligence is about getting you, as a sales leader, perfect insights into every deal in your sales pipeline. The knowledge is already in your communication systems – who your team is interacting with, what’s been said, and what the risks are. You just need to get those insights into your CRM system automatically, without any effort.
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Start From The Basics
Perfect data on deals and accounts starts with the basics – the contacts you are talking to. Autonomous deal intelligence starts by making sure your CRM system is fully populated with every contact your team is talking to. Add to this details of every email and meeting, and you start to form a picture of what is happening.
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See What Matters
Contacts are a good start, but only relationships will get the deal done. Nudge’s autonomous deal intelligence measures the strength of every relationship between your team and the buying committee at your prospect. See instantaneously where you have strong relationships, and where you are missing them.
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See Risks Without Digging
Autonomous systems don’t just collect data, they make intelligent judgements about it. Autonomous deal intelligence is no different. Deal risks like being single-threaded, losing touch, or not having access to the right executives, can all be brought to your attention proactively with no digging and no surprises.
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Enhance Your Existing CRM
Your existing CRM system, such as, is already deeply embedded in your business. Seamlessly add data and insights directly to your CRM with no change in workflow and no transition effort.
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A Foundation For Deeper Insights
Most of a business’s insights depend in some way on customer and prospect relationships. Whether it is a BI system analyzing customer churn or a customer success platform mapping out expansion opportunities, having accurate and up-to-date information on customer relationships is vital to the analysis.
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