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Top 12 B2B AI Sales and Marketing Tools for 2018

By Jaxson Khan in Artificial Intelligence

One of the biggest shifts we saw last year was the beginning of the end for standard “dumb” sales software and tools that don’t use AI to unlock new insights and find client-focused value. It’s this kind of intelligence that helps close deals and make the sales team smarter. In other words, making AI part of your sales tech stack is no longer an option, but is now the way sales teams are getting it done.

The amount of AI-enhanced B2B sales tools is ever expanding (by the time you’ve finished this post a few more will surely have launched), and it’s a great time to take a look at what’s out there and see what could work for your team in 2018.


Gotta start with the self-plug!

It’s time to start leveraging your network to grow sales. We’ve built with some very advanced AI know-how to make previously hidden connections between you and a target visible and actionable. These insights let you identify the key people to build a relationship with, and give you specific guidance on the best way to warmly reach out (and follow-up). takes the guesswork out of outreach, making your connections work for you while ditching the mass-email tactics that no longer get results (and alienate prospects).


Spiro is a virtual assistant made for sales which works to make sales teams smarter by giving them reminders on follow-ups and helping to build pipeline. It uses AI analyze key sales data to spot pipeline issues and prioritize high-value prospects so everyone gets more done. Oh, and it also handles that little problem of data entry, saving a lot of time.


Reps need to spend less time on research, and more time selling. That’s the goal of InsideSales, which uses AI and big data to help accelerate the sales process by making smart recommendations so reps spend more time on accounts they have a good chance at, cutting out the guesswork. As reps do their thing, InsideSales keeps track of their call, email and forecast data and feeds it back into the underlying CRM, making this information useful for the whole team.


Cogito provides voice analysis of sales calls that give sales reps real-time cues on what ways of speaking are effective. It uses AI to analyze both sides of the conversation and gives actionable guidance to reps if they need to speak more confidently, sound more professional, even have more empathy. It’s this insight that can let reps know when a prospect is beginning to become disengaged, and how to get them back. The result is more effective and efficient sales calls, and deeper connections with prospects.


Tact is an AI assistant that reads CRM data for you and takes questions and commands so sales gets quick intelligence from a mountain of data. It works both as a chatbot and with popular voice-assistant platforms like Cortana and Alexa, meaning you can ask it a question about a specific account and get answers right away. Its use of AI and machine learning to parse all this data means reps spend less time on mundane tasks, become more productive and get key insights quickly.


DataFox upgrades your CRM data with AI insight so sales teams get new understanding on what kinds of accounts to go after. It generates this intelligence by analyzing existing customers. Customizable signals are added on top of the CRM to enhance targeting and make prospecting decisions smarter and more transparent. This new layer of insights sharpens the prospecting process and enhances prospect fit and the chance of closing.


Dynamo is all about making the account central and key. It does this by pulling in various internal and external information about prospect and booked accounts and makes these details accessible by using AI and natural language processing. Whether the account is trying to be won over, retained or grown, Dynamo makes sense of a wide range of info to provide key insights that lead to informed sales decisions.


Maia is a virtual assistant made for sales that makes complex CRM data understandable. As a chatbot it uses AI to parse this data and get you answers in plain English. Maia hooks into more than just sales data, and can keep track of prospect touchpoints, figure out call lists for you and even let you know if you’re likely to hit your targets. This is all a big time-saver and lets sales get key intel in less time.


Reifer is the AI-powered solution for that big problem in customer data management, duplicate and worthless information. The result is richer, more accurate sales information that doesn’t need sales teams to waste time doubling back to fix incorrect details after problems are found. Reifer uses an AI engine to process data and learn how to spot inaccuracies, without any custom coding required.


Azimov uses AI to read through the online presence of your prospect, such as their social media posting and blogs, and uses this information to build a profile of the best way to engage them by email. This outreach guidance begins with the best time to email a prospect, and assists with follow-up timing by letting you know when they are mentioned online. These touchpoints are tracked and analyzed so you can figure out what works in your best-performing emails.

2018 is going to be the year every sales call has an AI listener sitting in, silently transcribing the conversation and offering pointers and feedback. There are a lot of AI-based conversation-to-text tools out there, mainly aimed at call centres, but VoiceOps is tailor-made for sales teams. Not only does it transcribe, but also analyzes calls for key sales metrics. These go beyond call duration to include skill-based markers like number of probing questions asked, benefit descriptions read, even if the closing ask time was ideal. And it serves up these signals in a friendly dashboard that lets teams track their progress, and sales heads see who is really hitting it out of the park on the phones.


Enhance what you do on the leading CRM by using an AI assistant built for Salesforce by Salesforce. Einstein plugs into your Salesforce accounts and offers each rep their own personal data scientist. Einstein helps with lead scoring, getting a read on prospect engagement levels, tracking customer news and automates data entry and contact records. It surfaces new sales insights and makes the entire team more productive, all within Salesforce itself.

Stay tuned for our next post with way more tools!

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