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Best Sales Blogs for Non-Stop, Modern Sales Goodness

By Kevin Hurley in Sales

Post recap: We’ve put together a list of the best sales blogs that covers a wide range of tactics, strategies and stories to help you navigate the modern sales world.

Keeping up with the latest trends and sales strategies is important for any sales professional. Sure, you could take some sales training or even read the latest book from one of the many sales gurus out there, but what if you’re looking for some shorter content you can read when you’re on the go?

We’ve gathered a list of the best sales blogs for today’s sales pros that will keep you updated and at the top of your game. Come back periodically to see who we’ve added.

Sales for Life

Founded in 2004, Sales for Life aims to be the most trusted sales resource for its clients. Their mission is to transform the way B2B companies interact with their buyers and drive growth for their business.

Why read it: One of the best sales blogs for everything social selling and how to align sales campaigns with the modern buyer.

Sample blog post titles:

Read the blog:
Follow on Twitter: @MySales4Life

Sales Hacker

An online community for the sales professional, Sales Hacker is a one-stop-shop for all things sales. Resources, training, conferences, and more, Sales Hacker has it all.

Why read it: It’s a collection of the latest and greatest tips and strategies for sales pros written by sales pros. Articles are written by contributing members and published regularly.

Sample blog post titles:

Read the blog:
Follow on Twitter: @SalesHacker


In their day job SalesLoft has created a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams unify their communication efforts so they can convert more target accounts into customer accounts.

Why read it: The SalesLoft blog is a collection of fun, motivational, and useful posts for the sales pro. The tone is light and fun-filled as they break up the stress and intensity that sales pros face on a daily basis.

Sample blog post titles:

Read the blog:
Follow on Twitter: @SalesLoft

Jill Rowley

After 6 years in management consulting and 52 quarters in software sales, Jill is the #SocialSelling evangelist with a unique perspective on sales leadership and the impact digital is having on the next-generation salesforce. There’s a reason Jill has gained nearly 80,000 subscribers by providing both a practical and visionary perspective on the sales space.

Sample blog post titles:

Read the blog: On LinkedIn Pulse
Follow on Twitter: @Jill_Rowley


Created and managed by the team at, this blog aims to help sales professionals gain every edge they can in order to succeed. And as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world that helps their customers sell more efficiently and effectively, they want to help sales pros do the same for their business.

Why read it: “For closers. By closers.” This is a blog for the serious sales professional, offering helpful and thought-provoking articles for all types of sales pros: leaders, managers, and reps,

Sample blog post titles:

Read the blog:
Follow on Twitter: @Quotable

John Barrows

John is a sales trainer to the world’s leading technology companies. He provides customized sales training and consulting services to them, helping them to drive results with proven techniques and tools.

Why read it: John’s blog is filled with helpful, actionable sales tips and strategies sales pros can use right away.

Sample blog post titles:

Read the blog:
Follow on Twitter: @JohnMBarrows

Matt Heinz

A prolific author and nationally recognized, award-winning blogger, Matt Heinz is President and Founder of Heinz Marketing. Matt’s career focuses on consistently delivering measurable results with greater sales, revenue growth, product success and customer loyalty.

Why read it: Matt and his team publish daily posts sharing the best in B2B sales and marketing insights. News and trend articles are published alongside helpful How To’s, providing good value to the sales pro.

Sample blog post titles:

Read the blog:
Follow on Twitter: @HeinzMarketing is a modern sales platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide sales teams with actionable insights on their target customers.

Why read it: We’re focused on providing sales content for the modern seller. We combine a mix of resourceful sales insight from industry experts while also focusing on the future of sales. Readers of our blog include sales leaders, industry experts and account executives / SDR practitioners.

Sample blog post titles:

Read the blog (hint: you’re already on it):
Follow on Twitter: @NudgeAI


A sales performance analytics software tool, InsightSquared fuels high-performance sales teams. They help operations, sales leaders, and executives understand their performance and help them take it to another level.

Why read it: The InsightSquared blog takes a slightly different tack, focusing their posts more on the operational aspects of a sales team.

Sample blog post titles:

Read the blog:
Follow on Twitter: @insightsquared

Jim Keenan

The self-proclaimed Chief Antagonist of A Sales Guy Inc., Jim has a lifelong passion for sales, having worked as a salesman, trainer, coach, author, and consultant.

Why read it: Simply put, Jim makes learning and reading about sales fun. He’s got a quirky sense of humor and edgy writing style that makes his posts interesting and engaging.

Sample blog post titles:

Read the blog:
Follow on Twitter: @asalesguy


Creators of inbound marketing and sales software, HubSpot helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. They also write some great blogs for marketers and sales professionals.

Why read it: For the busy sales pro who doesn’t have a ton of time to read posts, HubSpot makes it easy to consume with lots of list posts and infographics. But it’s not just easy to read, but filled with valuable and helpful posts that sales pros can use right away.

Sample blog post titles:

Read the blog:
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The Bridge Group

The Bridge Group is a consultancy that specializes in building, expanding, and optimizing sales strategies for B2B companies.

Why read it: Their blog focuses on the strategic and operational aspects of a sales organization, with a focus on sales development.

Sample blog post titles:

Read the blog:
Follow on Twitter: @bridgegroupinc

The Sales Blog

B2B Sales Coach and Consultant, Anthony Iannarino, creates an enormous amount of high quality content that is published (basically) daily on topics around cold-calling, relatonship building and valuable tips that he’s learned along the way. Regardless if you’re a sales leader or a practitioner hitting the pavement, you’ll likely find regular content that’ll speak to your world.

Sample blog post titles:

Read the blog:
Follow on Twitter: @iannarino


The Mattermark’s blog has must-read content on venture capital and entrepreneurship for private market investors, company operators, and sales & marketing pros in the startup space. Apparently over 90,000 people read it! The Mattermark Daily is a curated, daily resource in newsletter format. Further, Mattermark’s new Raise The Bar focuses on sales, marketing, and growth engineering.

Sample blog post titles:

Read the blog:
And subscribe here:
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The CloserIQ blog focuses on tactical, bite-sized strategies that sales and startup leaders can implement day-to-day with their team. Some of the main topics covered are sales management, hiring and talent strategy, sales tips and career advice.

Why read it: They regularly feature the insights of sales leaders to share their unique perspectives and experiences with readers.

Sample blog post titles:

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What do you think the best modern sales blog is? Give us a shout on Twitter if you think we’re missing it!

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