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Blanche Reese: How to Use SalesLoft and As a Sales Rep

By Menaka Raman-Wilms in Sales

Blanche Reese

Strategic Account Development, SalesLoft

Nudge: What are the biggest challenges you face as a sales rep on a daily basis?

Blanche: I think the hardest part is probably taking the time to scrub a new account, going through the process of making sure they fit our ideal customer profile. You’ve got to take all the right steps to determine that, because you don’t want to be reaching out to someone if it’s going to mutually be a bad fit.

I’d say I probably take 5 minutes to scrub each account that I’m given, and then from there I have to do prospecting, which takes a lot of time. I’d say probably about 20% of my week is spent doing that.

Nudge: When in your day-to-day workflow do you use insights?

Blanche: I use Nudge every day, most often the extension during the research stage of my morning, right before I’m executing on a phone call or an email. But I also use the Daily Outlook Email too, which has been really helpful, because it gives me stuff right on the companies that I’m watching. It’s great to have something that lets me know if there’s news that’s happening there. That’s been effective a few times for me as well, cause I’ve gotten an alert and I know it’s a good time to reach back out.

Nudge has probably cut my research time in half - @blancheherlong @SalesLoft
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Nudge: Your role requires a lot of research time – when do you do your research, and has helped in cutting that time down?

Blanche: The first thing I to do every morning is get started in my Cadence and start sending out my Day 1 emails – so I’m doing a lot of research right up front. Even though I’ve already confirmed the accounts to reach out to, and identified the people I want to talk to, I haven’t done any real research on them yet. I’m doing 10 Day 1 emails every day, so that’s when I’m using Nudge, really from 8-11:30 in the morning.

So at that point, I get started by seeing what I can find – did they join the company recently, get a promotion, are they interested in wine tastings? I look for anything I can find about the person to make sure I stand out from the noise and have a personalized approach with them, to increase the chance of a reply. That’s where I definitely use It’s really helpful for the personal details, or if I can’t find something on the person, Nudge always has something on the company. As long as I get something relevant to the person so that they know, hey, this is a human reaching out to me.

And then it only takes me 5 minutes, maybe 3, to write an email after I’ve found a way to make it personal. I spend a lot of time in the morning on that. But Nudge has probably cut that amount of time in half, because I’m able to quickly see insights on the person and their company. It’s all there in a single panel within SalesLoft, where I’m already working.

Nudge: Are there specific insights that you look at most often?

Blanche: The tweets for sure. If someone has Twitter, I find those super helpful, because those are going to be more personal. Often they’re not the most professional thing in the world, they could be tweeting about whatever game is on TV, whatever they’re interested in, so it’s great if I can make a connection based on that. I’ve actually been able to get a few meetings based on referencing something from someone’s tweet. They’ve said, you know, it’s awesome to hear you’re actually doing your homework, that you’re not a robot, that this is a real email for me. That kind of conversation lets you go back and forth about whatever subject their tweet was on. So the tweets have probably been the most helpful.

I also really like the little company insights right there. If there’s someone whose LinkedIn is bare bones, who doesn’t have Twitter, nothing you can use, being able to quickly click see that their company had a new round of funding, or acquired another company, anything like that, is super helpful.

The Nudge extension makes things faster - puts all the info in a single place - @blancheherlong @SalesLoft
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Nudge: SalesLoft is all about personalizing sales and establishing a human connection with your customers – how does the integration with help you do that?

Blanche: I think, more than anything, the Nudge extension just makes things faster. I could find all of this information on the web, but I’d have to open several different tabs, have to do Google searches, sift through whatever comes up in those search results, all that. This is just an easier version of that, a more digestible understanding.

It saves me the time of having to go find what is this person’s Twitter handle, or what they’ve done recently, or what is going on at their company. puts it in a single place for me to really understand.

Nudge: As a sales rep, why’s it so important for you to develop authentic relationships with people?

Blanche: I think a relationship always goes a long way. Even though my role right now is to sell time and gauge interest, I’m hopefully going to be moving up one day, and any relationship I develop now gives me the opportunity, down the road, to reconnect with that person.

Having been an Account Manager here at SalesLoft in the past, I regularly hear from my old customers who have moved on to a new company and want to get their team using SalesLoft. They could easily call into our sales line, but they’re reaching out to me because they remember working with me, and that being a positive experience.

These relationships could be helpful now or years down the road, so I want to make sure I’m constantly developing and growing those relationships.

Menaka Raman-Wilms
Customer Success Manager
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