Build Your Pipeline gives you the tools you need to engage and grow active pipeline from first contact through to deal close.

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Define Buying Triggers

You tell us what kind of events indicate a likely buyer, and Nudge’s artificial intelligence algorithms will keep an eye out for any time those events occur.


Knowing about just the events you care about, in real time, lets you keep pipeline active, introduce new points of view at the right time, and gradually move buyers towards being ready to discuss a deal.

See News on Just your Pipeline

When an account has shown some interest, but is not ready to buy, it can be challenging for sales.  Another “just checking in” email is not going to succeed.


Nudge helps you move these accounts along by alerting you of just the news you care about, and on the accounts that you are selling to.  Be in the know, in real time, whenever any of your accounts launch new products, bring on new executives, or announce major growth initiatives.

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Never Lose Touch

The art of selling to long-cycle deals involves staying in touch with a large number of deals, while never dropping the ball on any.


Nudge makes this simple by monitoring all of your relationships and notifying you when you begin to lose touch with any of them.  Unlike the structured and inflexible sales automation tools for BDRs, Nudge monitors all accounts and won’t remind you of any you are already in touch with.

Capture Every Interaction

Guiding buyers through long buying journeys involves interacting with hundreds or even thousands of people and dozens of companies.


Nudge automatically tracks and captures every interaction and shows you the people and companies you have recently interacted with, are losing touch with, or have active relationships with.


Make sure you maximize your ability to build pipeline by capturing every interaction and investing in the relationships that matter.

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Run Proven Sales Plays

Any buyer travels a unique path on their own buying journey.  However, as they go about their journey, there are often standard sales “plays” that you have had success with that help move them forward and introduce new perspectives.


Nudge makes this simple with sales play templates that you can quickly save and re-use.  Deliver your best work every time by capturing it in a simple template and using it again every time it’s relevant.

Understand Your Performance

Typical sales analysis has focused on the very start of the process (raw emails and voicemails sent) and the very end of the process (deals in pipeline).


Nudge, for the first time, allows you to analyze your success and challenges in building, maintaining, and expanding the relationships that matter to move deals towards the point where they are ready to start a purchase process.

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