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Breaking through the Noise to Get Buyers’ Attention with Alex Vaughan

By Jaxson Khan in Sales

As an AE at ScribbleLive, Alex Vaughan knows what it takes to stand out as a sales rep in today’s world. We chatted about for Chrome, and how the extension helps when he’s trying to get his buyers’ attention.

Menaka: What’s the biggest challenge that you face every day in your role?

Alex: I’d say it’s breaking through the noise. It’s being that top-of-mind person for anyone you’re trying to get in contact with, and finding a way to stand out.

In any sales role, trying to reach out to the C-suite level of contacts is a difficult process, because they’re receiving a lot of information every day. And so, trying to break through that noise is tough, whether that’s trying to find the right phone number or channels, the right subject that’s going to really pop for them – it’s a real challenge.

It’s also about trying to get to a lower amount of touches per contact. Sometimes, you’re looking at a dozen or more touches before you get any response. So, typically, I’d say trying to break through that noise is the biggest challenge.

Menaka: Where do you use for Chrome?

Alex: We currently live in SalesLoft, LinkedIn Navigator, and Gmail, and is in two of those three. All of our outbound cadences run through SalesLoft, and I’ll usually check the extension there before I send an email or make a call. It also pops up in my Gmail, so I check to see if I can hit any specific topic, or if there are any newsworthy notes for an ice breaker.

Menaka: What information on the extension do you find the most useful?

Alex: In my style, I tend to reach out based on company news rather than personal information. It all depends on the contact you’re dealing with – personal mentions can be useful, but some people find them extraordinarily creepy. So you have to balance the two and find what’s the right approach. Usually, I use knowledge of the company or any recent news as a good ice-breaker. I typically won’t speak to personal tweets if I’ve had no previous contact with the person themselves, but it’s always good information to have. And if it’s someone I’ve created a rapport with, I feel more open bringing that information up.

The Conversations component is also really interesting. It’s good to know who’s talking to who, especially if we’re spread out over a couple of different offices. Even though there are different verticals, it’s always good to just be aware of what’s going on.

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Menaka: How much time do you spend researching?

Alex: For a typical contact or lead or cold call, I spend anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes doing my research. That’s really spent in Sales Navigator and, looking at their company account, if they’ve shared any content, what their position is within the company and any kind of background history that might be helpful. It’s always a balance between trying to hit your activity numbers and wanting to focus on the quality. Now with these tools, we have the chance to really think about quality.

I also find that the easiest way to leverage is when notifications are pushed to me, which cuts down on the research I need to do. So either in the morning email, or the Slackbot which pushes me notifications three times a day that I can just automatically look at. That helps me get a sense of what’s happening at specific companies that I’m watching. I really like how simple that is. It’s very handy to have that information pushed right to you.

Menaka: What makes different than other sales tools?

Alex: It’s really trying to leverage your tools while being as efficient as possible. That’s what I personally think is most effective about – you want to have a good tools, but also a limited amount of tools. Cause you can’t be spending all your time checking different things, you want to have a limited number of very effective tools. So having something that gives me an overview of lots of things, that’s very effective.


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