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Collaboration is a huge part of Nudge, and Collaborating with colleagues can help you grow your network reach in your industry.

Collaborating with someone means sharing your network strength – you can see who they have a strong and weak relationship with, and they can see the same for you. This is the crux of relationship intelligence.

We never share relationship history or email addresses, but sharing your network strength lets you see who they really know.

Then you can find someone to give you an intro to a new customer, or see if a colleague already has a relationship at an account.


How to Add Collaborators

The quickest way to add Collaborators is to go to the main menu, click on Collaborators, and then select Recommendations.

Nudge will automatically recommends people you probably already know, including your colleagues.

When you find someone to Collaborate with, just click invite and they’ll get an invitation.

The more colleagues you Collaborate with, the better access you’ll have to customers and accounts.

If a colleague isn’t already a Nudge user, you can invite them by going to the main Collaborators page, clicking Invite to Collaborate on the left, and entering their email.


You’ll want to go into your Recommendations every couple of days, and each time Collaborate with 3-4 colleagues.

Then you’ll start to find pathways into accounts.


Access accounts through your network.

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