Event Connect

Connect with prospects at events, faster.

connect at events

Meet prospects at events.

Nudge shows you who is at an event in real time.


You can find lists of people at an event and we’ll tell you who you already know. Nudge will also identify people you can reach out to so that you can connect in person.

Reach out to those you know.

Nudge measures your relationships, from all your communications, pulling from email, calendar, CRM, sales engagement platforms, and more. That way, you can have a comprehensive measurement of your current relationships.


Combined with the people lists feature, that means you can reach out to those prospects you are looking to build relationships with.


Get an intro.

Nudge uses a relationship graph to get you the best introduction to the relevant people at an event. With a couple clicks, you can get in touch through your best connection.


Stop wasting time at events. Get introductions to the right people, and make the most of your time there.

Learn more about the benefits of Nudge.ai

One click email

Send emails right from a profile page - no need to go elsewhere.

Measure relationships

sync data from email, phone, calendar, CRM, and more.

Create action items

and todos for follow-up.

Set a cadence

to keep in touch e.g. 2 weeks or 3 months.

View team conversations

know who is talking to who, right in LinkedIn.

Get the latest news

scans 80,000+ sources to find the latest news and social updates.

Enrich profile data

including with email addresses, Twitter accounts, and more.

Put prospects in lists

right within LinkedIn. Lists export easily.

And more...

including analytics, search, and more.

In our first 30 days with Nudge.ai, we drove nearly $1M in new closed deals. That is one of the reasons that Nudge.ai has already paid for itself many times over – it's a great platform that just works.

Mark Macdonald SVP Sales, BIA

It has already paid off, big time. All this intel and data is out there in the universe, and you have to go find it. Our 450 sales reps have too much on their plates to go digging into every prospect’s Twitter every day.

Cindi Stevenson Director of Sales Operations, Insperity

Our team was having trouble breaking into the account. I used Nudge to find a common connection to the account. Three days later I had a scheduled call with the VP of Revenue.

Taylor Thompson Sales Executive, SalesLoft

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