Automatic Data Capture in Salesforce with Nudge
Sync Nudge with Salesforce for automatic record creation, automated activity logging, and visibility into executive engagement. No rep adoption required.
74% of your contacts are not in your CRM
Save reps time by automating manual CRM data entry
Let reps do what they do best: sell. At Nudge we found that on average, sales reps waste up to 1 hour of selling time every day to manual data entry. At the same time on average 4.2 known contacts are missing per target account in CRM. Nudge automatically captures every interaction your team has with prospects.
Get an objective view of your reps’ relationships with prospects with automated activity logging
Your reps are already doing all the work they need to drive revenue: calling, emailing, booking meetings, maintaining CRM, engaging prospects and building relationships. But how do you as a leader know who’s doing what and make sure that the most important deals are moving forward? Nudge surfaces activity and relationship data directly in your CRM, without reps having to enter any of it, and gives you clear visibility into your revenue team’s activities and performance.
Don’t miss out on revenue growth opportunities by having inacurate or missing CRM data
On average, 74% of the contacts your reps engage with during a deal cycle will never make it into your CRM. Additionally, 28% of C-level and VP level contacts are missing from CRM. Nudge updates CRM contacts, creates net new ones, ans assigns them to existing opportunities in real-time, ensuring your CRM always has the right people, with the right information, such as updated titles and relationship strength, in a fully automated way.