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Nudge in 90 seconds – Conversations at a Company

By Menaka Raman-Wilms in Product Spotlight

Your Nudge extension helps give you a full picture of which conversations are happening with an account. As an important part of modern sales enablement, this lets you see who else is working an account.


See Conversations Happening at a Company

When you open your Nudge extension in your inbox, hover over someone’s email to see their profile. Scroll down past their Collaborators, and you’ll see a section called Conversations.

This widget shows you who at your company is taking to people at their company.

If you’re not sure who else on your side is working an account, this info can help you get a fuller picture.

You can also click on show all conversations, and you’ll be taken to the Nudge company page, where you can see exactly who’s talking to who.

On the top right corner of someone’s conversations, you click on the + sign, and you’ll even get a breakdown of the kind of communication – blue means an outbound email, black is an inbound email, and green means a back and forth conversation.

Then you’ll have a much clearer picture of what’s been happening at that account.

Menaka Raman-Wilms
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