FREE CRM data analysis
Nudge is the data platform for high performance revenue teams. To showcase what we can do for you, we’re offering a free analysis of your team’s data. Learn which contacts are only in your email and never logged in CRM, and what target account execs are known but not recorded. (minimum team size of 10)
74% of your contacts are not in your CRM
Nudge is the data platform for high performance revenue teams
What is Nudge?
The data platform for high performance revenue teams. Nudge can sync with your CRM and automatically create records, automate activity logging, and provide visibility into executive engagement – no rep adoption required. By automatically capturing data and measuring relationships, Nudge helps your team optimize revenue growth.
What is a “free CRM analysis”?
In most revenue teams, an average of 74% of contacts are never logged. Key execs may be cc’d on an email, added to a meeting, or interacted with, but never logged in CRM. Your sales results suffer when you are blind to who is involved at each account. With a free CRM analysis, Nudge will show you what contacts are in your email interactions that are not in your CRM. The results will be quite eye-opening.
How can Nudge help your team grow revenue?
Keep CRM data up-to-date Automate CRM contact creation and activity logging
Stop deals from slipping Immediately identify single-threaded deals in your forecasted pipeline and understand relationships
Get into new accounts Find warm intoduction opportunities and follow past customer advocates
Why is it free? What’s the catch?
Understanding the problem is only one step – if you’re like most organizations, and you realize that 74% of your contacts are never logged, you’ll want to solve that challenge quickly. Nudge offers a solution to that problem with no rep effort – automated capture of contacts, automated logging of activity – and we would be happy to have that conversation with you. But the analysis is truly free (for teams of 10 people minimum), with no catch, and yours to keep. Bonus: We will even provide you with a file with the last three months of missing contact data for you to do with as you please!