CRM Data Cleanliness
Keep your CRM system up to date with complete and accurate data without having your team do manual, and time-consuming work.
CRM Data Cleanliness
Capture all data
74% of the contacts your team interacts with are never logged in CRM. Manually creating contacts wastes time and misses most new contacts. Capture all interactions without any manual work to have a CRM system that has all the data you need.
Understand the buying committee
Don’t just create contacts, know who your team is interacting with and how they fit into the buying committee. Know instantly whether is an executive or an individual contributor, a marketer or a finance person.
Get your team out selling
If you want high performance, your team needs to be selling, not doing administrative work. Focus your team on building trust through high-value, trusted advisor conversations. Free up their time from manual administrative work by having that done automatically.
Automation without Noise
You need perfect visibility, but can’t sacrifice CRM cleanliness. You need a solution that automates the manual work of creating contact records for everyone you are interacting with, but does not add any noise to your CRM data. Create just the contacts you want, on the accounts you care about, and eliminate any other conversations and interactions with non-human email accounts (such as Amazon shipment notifications).