For Customer Success Leaders

Retention, cross-sell, and up-sell pulls your team in many directions. It’s easy for balls to drop, relationships to suffer, and revenue to fall. Nudge lets you maximize growth while keeping customers happy.

Understand every customer account

Customer accounts have a lot going on. Front-line users are interacting with your support team, your services team is engaging with managers, your sales team remains involved, and executive sponsors should be coordinating with executives at the customer.

Don’t be blind, see every conversation and know of every relationship.

Instantly See Risk

It’s easy to get blind-sided by risk. Accounts can become single-threaded or you can lose touch with executive sponsors, and the first you hear of it is when the customer churns.

Be alerted, proactively, about every risk in your customer base before it’s too late.

Capture Every Interaction

Knowing every contact at a customer is crucial for maximizing account success. But you don’t want your CS team manually creating contacts in your CRM system for every person added to an email thread or invited to a meeting.

Let Nudge automatically capture contacts and log email and meeting activity. Have a perfect record of every person and every interaction without any work from your team.

Accurately Forecast Revenue

With customer success teams increasingly responsible for revenue, the ability to accurately forecast renewal and expansion revenue is vital.

The core of building an accurate forecast is same for CS as it is for sales – understand the dynamics of each deal. Where is there risk? Which deals are single-threaded, which lack executive access, where has finance not been involved?

For customer success teams, this often means understanding a complicated buying committee dynamic involving front-line users, first-line managers, and executives that are quite distant from the day-to-day operations.

Let Nudge highlight the dynamics of each deal in your revenue forecast and flag risks that are present. Minimize your risk and maximize your revenue.

Growing Teams and Relationship Transitions

Any time there is a transition in your CS team, whether through growth, or through a customer success manager leaving, you need to transition the customer relationships delicately. The first challenge in many organizations is knowing who those relationships were with.

Nudge captures every relationship and every interaction, so you can instantly see who the key relationships were and what had been said. Pick up instantly where the last CSM left off.

Where you work. How you work.

Nudge works directly with, or your CRM system of choice, to layer in all the data on your team’s interactions, every relationship, and give you key insights on ever customer and every expansion opportunity. Work within CRM, or your customer success platform, as you always did, but do so with accurate and up-to-date data.

Nudge adds relationship intelligence data to your CRM system as data that you can work with for any business intelligence projects, customer health scores, or customer analysis efforts.

Be more effective at driving revenue without changing the tools you use now.

In our first 30 days with, we drove nearly $1M in new closed deals. That is one of the reasons that has already paid for itself many times over – it's a great platform that just works.
Mark Macdonald
SVP Sales, BIA
It has already paid off, big time. All this intel and data is out there in the universe, and you have to go find it. Our 450 sales reps have too much on their plates to go digging into every prospect’s Twitter every day.
Cindi Stevenson
Director of Sales Operations, Insperity
Our team was having trouble breaking into the account. I used Nudge to find a common connection to the account. Three days later I had a scheduled call with the VP of Revenue.
Taylor Thompson
Sales Executive, SalesLoft

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