Relationship Intelligence for Better Models and Analysis
Enhance all your existing analytics, forecast tools, or machine learning models by integrating accurate data on relationship strengths across your team.
Relationship Intelligence for Better Models and Analysis
A new, crucial, data set
Many exising forecast models or analytical views rely on data that is sourced directly from sales based on their best approximation. While this can be useful, having data on the most important element of a relationship – trust – that is objectlvely measured, allows you to achieve greater levels of accuracy and relevance than ever before.
4 fields that matter the most
Relationships are the most important thing to measure in any business interaction. To measure them meaningfully, you need four key data points: Strength of the relationship Owner of the relationship Level of the executive Role of the executive Don’t let your analysis be blind to this data.
Seamless integration with existing models
Analysis and modeling should be as close to the business as possible. Real-time integrations and updates of the underlying data let you seamlessly measure and analyze your team’s relationships with every deal in pipeline, at every moment.