A Day in the Life of an AE

To close deals you need strong relationships. helps you drive revenue by building real relationships with multiple decision-makers.


8 am: See Insights on Target Accounts

Synch your target accounts with and received a daily brief with everything you want to know about those accounts.


Let know what a buying signal looks like for you, and you’ll only see events that matter; exec changes, new product announcements, stock news, awards, or major initiatives.


Be the first into the conversation when one of your target accounts has an interesting announcement.  As easy as checking your morning email.

10 am: Keep Long Cycle Deals Active

Every successful account exec knows that you need to keep 100 relationships warm for every relationship that turns into an active, near-term, deal.


Keeping that many relationships alive is challenging.  It’s easy to forget, but automated systems are…  well… automated, and will do more to destroy your relationships than build them. lets you define who is important, and how often you want to be in touch.  If you drop the ball, you’ll be reminded, and can quickly reach out with the help of templates, but in a purely human way that builds, not destroys, your relationships.


11 am: Manage Follow-up Tasks

Your day is all about efficiency and building relationships at scale.  If you miss a follow-up, you miss a chance to move a relationship forward, and that could mean missing a deal.


Nudge helps handle that for you by keeping on top of all your tasks without the effort of using your calendar or CRM system’s task manager.

12 pm: Find Access to Tricky Accounts

Many (if not most) accounts are difficult to break into without a warm introduction.


Nudge solves the challenge of finding the right introduction by showing you not just who is connected to the decision-makers at each account, but how strong their relationships are.


Find out if your executive team, services professionals, advisors, or investors have strong relationships that can help get you into key accounts.


3 pm: Review Current Pipeline

Accounts that slip past the end of the quarter are generally accounts that you haven’t developed broad and deep enough relationships with the key decision-makers.


Know which of  your accounts are “single-threaded” or missing key decision-makers before your VP asks.  Review your deals in your CRM system and see which are at risk at any point in the quarter.

Ready to start closing deals?