Instant Deal Review for Risk and Coaching
Know where each deal stands instantly, without any manual investigation or one-on-one conversations. Focus your efforts on winning, not administration.
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Instant Deal Inspection for Risk and Coaching
See every relationship
Understanding if a deal is likely to close is a matter of understanding if your team has developed the trust and rapport they need with the right buyers and blockers. See every relationship, accurately measured, and understand at-a-glance what is needed on each deal to maximize its chance of success
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Understand deal dynamics
Are you missing executive sponsorship? Has legal been engaged too late? Is IT on board with the purchase decision? Each deal has its own dynamics. To build a high performance sales team, your front-line sales managers need this information at their fingertips, in real-time, for every deal to coach, forecast, and assist.
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Turn your team into superstars through great coaching
Almost every sales rep can become a superstar if they have the right motivation and the right coaching. Some struggle with executive conversations. Some find conversations with IT or legal particularly challenging. Some need help positioning the ROI of your solution. High performance comes through great coaching. Great coaching comes from identifying the unique challenges of each rep.
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Insights without Investigation
Too often, deal risk is missed because sales leaders rely on their team to pick which deals they should look at. Risky deals may never be looked at, and therefore the risk gets missed and the deal slips. Autonomous deal intelligence flags high-risk deals instantly so you are looking where you should be looking.
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