Deal risk analytics integrates with your existing sales tools to start tracking data and provide actionable insights from the moment that you get started.


Save Accounts at Risk Before It’s Too Late

Do you really know how engaged your accounts are based on the data your reps log?  Only Nudge lets you see the relationship strength of your entire team with contacts across a company.


With Nudge, you can see if you are getting the right level of engagement as a deal moves through the pipeline – or with customers day-to-day – so you can take the best action to close and retain accounts.

Retain Customers With Multiple Champions

Don’t lose an account when your champion disappears. Nudge lets you zero in to find accounts that have only a few points of contact or even a single thread.


Start with this report for visibility, then start engaging multiple influencers across your accounts so you can prevent relationship attrition issues early.


Automatic Activity Tracking

What does the volume of engagement activities from a top performer look like compared to the average rep? Do you have any visibility besides what your reps are logging?


Nudge automatically tracks email and meeting activities by integrating with your communication tools to provide sales management with out of the box reports from day one.

Ready to start closing deals?