Deal risk analytics integrates with your existing sales tools to provide deal risk analytics. Understand where in your pipeline your team lacks the relationships to win the deal.

deal risk analytics

Save Accounts at Risk Before It’s Too Late

Do you really know how engaged your accounts are based on the data your reps log?  Only Nudge lets you see the relationship strength of your entire team with contacts across a company.


With Nudge, you can see if you are getting the right level of engagement as a deal moves through the pipeline – or with customers day-to-day – so you can take the best action to close and retain accounts.

Retain Customers With Multiple Champions

Don’t lose an account when your champion disappears. Nudge lets you zero in to find accounts that have only a few points of contact or even a single thread.


Start with this report for visibility, then start engaging multiple influencers across your accounts so you can prevent relationship attrition issues early.


Highlight Pipeline Risk

Detect the deals in your pipeline that are at risk of not closing because you lack the right relationships.


Nudge automatically flags any deals that have less relationships than you typically need to close a deal. Your sales leadership can investigate red-flagged deals and coach the reps through to close.

Understand Deal Coverage at each Account

Evaluate each opportunity in your pipeline for ideal buyer engagement. allows you to identify at any point in the quarter if deals are at risk of slipping. shows your entire team’s relationship efforts towards any account, including sales, marketing, and customer success efforts. Further, any involved party including legal and finance can be shown in order to demonstrate deal slippage risk.



See who is talking to at-risk deals

If deals are at risk, you need to know who, if anyone, is in conversation with them. CRM logging is not reliable, and struggles to show active conversations.


Nudge automatically tracks conversations to show you who on your team is current speaking to contacts at each account so you can save deals that are at risk


Get Insights in CRM

See everything you need to know about an account, the buyers at that organization, and your team’s relationships with them, right from

Nudge embeds seamlessly alongside your CRM data to add rich, actionable, contextual insights to your deal risk analytics.

The faster your team is able to act, the more quickly they can save at-risk deals, and having needed insights embedded where they work enables this to happen.


Ready to start closing deals?