Digital Body Language: The Why, What and How of Customer Engagement

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Marketing and selling today should be all about the buyer – what they want, need and when you should contact them. Despite 1800+ technology rich marketing tools, B2B marketers are struggling. Deriving actionable information about buyers’ product needs, pain points, and buying intent is a complex business that requires deep expertise and sophisticated data science.

The Why

Digital body language, a concept first made famous by Steve Woods and Paul Teshima, two of the co-founders of Eloqua and now of Nudge Software, is about tapping into the signals and activities buyers are exhibiting that show what they want and when they are likely to raise their hand.

“The traditional B2B transaction has been almost entirely a sales function rooted in face-to-face interactions. Now salespeople are increasingly dependent on their marketing teams to provide insights into which prospects are showing the strongest digital buying signals. To succeed…smart businesses are adapting and realizing that the next frontier is to read and respond to the “Digital Body Language” of their prospects.

A B2B buyer is not just one person with right job title or a Fortune 500 company. It’s a buying committee made up of multiple bodies whose needs and priorities are constantly changing. If you can’t see the digital signals of that buying committee, you’ve missed your chance to get into that deal early.






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