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Earning Your Customer’s Time with Patrick Tracy

By Jaxson Khan in Sales

Patrick Tracy is an Account Executive at SalesLoft, and is always thinking about ways to sell better. He shared his thoughts on the biggest challenges facing AEs and how to streamline your workflow to save time. Patrick also discussed how Nudge helps him have more meaningful conversations with his customers.

Earning your customer’s time with @ptracy12 of @SalesLoft
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Nudge: What would you say is the biggest challenges for AEs these days?

Patrick: I think it’s really staying top-of-mind and relevant with your clients. You always have to understand where they’re at and what they’re doing, to ensure you’re doing everything you can to stay relevant. And really, that comes down to process and organization. You need to consistently log information on opportunities, create next steps, and find ways to streamline your day-to-day workflow anywhere you can. That’s key to making sure no one falls through the cracks.

Nudge: Which sales tools do you use on a daily basis?

Patrick: We obviously use SalesLoft, but we also have a ton of other tools here. On a daily basis, I primarily use SalesLoft, Owler and Nudge.

But then we also have everything from Salesforce, LinkedIn Navigator, Charlie App, ExecVision, HD Data, and ZoomInfo. We have a ton of software at our fingertips.

Nudge for Chrome gives me relevant social touches right at my fingertips - @ptracy12 @SalesLoft
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Relationships in Gmail

Nudge: You’re a big user of Nudge for Chrome – what do you like about it?

Patrick: I actually primarily use Nudge in Gmail. I add people to my lists all the time right from my inbox – I have a current opportunities list that I’m constantly adding people to. I also really like the extension because I’ll see my contact’s tweets right there, and I can also click into their LinkedIn or Twitter.

It’s also great that I can see Collaborators who know the contact as well – I see them right on the sidebar, and I can see if there’s anyone on my team who might know that person a little better than I know them. So it really helps me to leverage my network, and gives me relevant social touches right at my fingertips within Gmail.

Nudge: Nudge surfaces insights on your contacts – as a sales rep, why do you like seeing personal insights on prospects and customers?

Patrick: One thing I really like about Nudge is that it shows me people’s tweets, and I can go right into their Twitter. Twitter is extremely powerful, and if I see that they’re reading a specific piece of content or sharing it on Twitter, then it makes sense for me to actually go back and read it. That way I have relevant talking points and took the extra step to earn their time.

Nudge makes it easier for me to have relevant talking points, helps me earn people’s time - @ptracy12 @SalesLoft
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Team Relationships

Nudge: Nudge shows you who on your team has relationships at a company or with your contacts. How is that helpful for you?

Patrick: Having the ability to collaborate with my team and seeing who they know – or who knows someone at an organization – is super powerful. Without that ability to see who knows who, the only way that I can find out is to send an email to my sales team and say “hey does anyone know someone at this company”? So being able just to see that information within my email, to see who has a real relationship with someone at that organization or with a particular prospect, goes a huge way.

I also use this with one of our SalesLoft solutions called ‘Draft On Behalf Of,’ where you draft up an email and send it to someone on your team who knows your contact, and they’ll send it on your behalf to that person. So if I see that one of my Collaborators has a very strong relationship with a contact of mine, I can do a ‘Draft On Behalf Of’ right there. So yes, it’s super powerful, and it’s efficient. I can do it really quickly, because I don’t have to go on Slack, don’t have to send out an email – I can just see right there who knows them.

Nudge: What part of your job does Nudge make easier?

Patrick: I think Nudge has made it easier for me to have relevant talking points. It helps me earn people’s time, and gives me everything I need to earn that time more efficiently.

It’s especially great having it right in my inbox – that enables me to just throw those insights into my process. I was looking for those talking points before, but it’s always more awkward with multiple tabs. With it being right there on the Gmail sidebar though, I can just pull up their LinkedIn, pull up the company Twitter, do this, do that, without actually having to go anywhere. Nudge made that more efficient. I would say it really helped streamline my process.

Jaxson Khan
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