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Effective Sales Outreach with Bryan Ehrenfreund

By Menaka Raman-Wilms in Sales

As the VP of Growth and Sales Enablement at Mobivity, Bryan Ehrenfreund is on the front line of some of the biggest challenges facing the modern sales team. He spoke about how Nudge.ai has helped him consolidate his sales tools and engage in effective sales outreach. Bryan also discussed the importance of relevant insights when working to reach prospects.

Nudge: There are tons of sales tools out there these days – why did you choose Nudge.ai for your team?

Bryan: Well, I was really looking for a kind of Swiss army knife of insight software, you know, something that could do lots of things. Something that would deliver the insights we needed. We were using a variety of different platforms and tools, and my goal was to see if we could at least consolidate them to a few once we had Nudge. Now I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to three: I use Nudge, Owler, and Sales Navigator.

For Account Based Marketing, keeping up a relationship with a prospect is very important. It’s really about keeping up with people, and to do that effectively you need to have insights that are new, relevant, and timely. You need that in order to engage in effective outreach. That’s what was most appealing to me about Nudge.

Biggest challenge for sales teams is determining relevant insights - reaching out with the right message is key @Ehrenfreund @mobivity
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Nudge: What are some of the biggest challenges for your sales team?

Bryan: There are a lot of big challenges in this space, especially from a targeted account and ABM strategy standpoint, which is what we’re deploying. The hardest part is to determine relevant insights. Reaching out at the right time, in the right place, with the right message is key. And that’s hard to do. But that’s what we’re using Nudge for now.

Nudge: Nudge shows you insights at the company level and also at the personal level. What’s the benefit of having those personal insights?

Bryan: It’s all about relevance. Like I said before, it’s about being able to reach out to customers and prospects at the right place and at the right time, so individual insights go further than company ones. Insights on people just make the conversation more personal and more genuine. Company insights can sometimes feel more generic.

So of course, those kinds of insights help us be more relevant to prospects. And the more we can be relevant, the higher likelihood we’re going to be able to connect and create a relationship.

Personal insights are more relevant to prospects, and enable relationships to form @Ehrenfreund @mobivity
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Nudge: Has Nudge changed the way you think about your sales process at all?

Bryan: I think what it brings to the forefront is the focus on your customer or your prospect’s interactions. It lets you focus on their world. Whether it be company events or news, personal news mentions, or social engagement that they’ve had, it brings them together and generates those insights for you. Then it becomes much easier to stay in touch.

The way I’ve been using Nudge now is that I go into the app in the morning and look at whatever news or social posts the system is able to discover for me. I look at the contacts I need to keep in touch with, whoever is on my radar, and then at the recent social interactions they’ve had. I see what’s there that I can use to reach out.

Nudge: You’ve also been using the Nudge Chrome Extension – what do you like best about it?

Bryan: What I find the most useful in the extension is the personal and company mentions. It’s so great to see instant news on an individual. That’s been really valuable, because then I have it right there while I’m emailing and don’t have to go anyplace else. I can just scroll down and see if there’s been any news about either them or their company. That’s great.

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