For Executives and Networkers

Your network is your net worth. Nudge.ai provides the tools you need to understand, manage, and grow your network.


Build relationships efficiently and effectively

Building your network is crucial, but is as much art as it is science. Nudge keeps you from forgetting about any key people in your network, but does so without locking you into any artificial “sequences”.

Insights on everyone you want to keep in touch with, combined with daily briefing email on what everyone you care about is doing, will keep you at the top of your game as you build a strong and vibrant business network.

Understand your network

Once a network reaches a certain size, it becomes impossible to keep track of everyone manually. Nudge seamlessly keeps track of your connections, leaving you free to build the relationship. Instantly see the communication details, meetings, and relationship history of all the relationships you are building.

Focus your efforts on the relationships that mean the most to your success. Understand which of those you are losing touch with, and compare your performance to best-in-class to ensure you are successful.


Identify and leverage connectors

Each geography, industry, or role has “connectors”, those people who seem to know everyone and be able to make any introduction. Nudge leaderboards can show you who these people are.

Build relationships with connectors to access new business networks and people you are not already familiar with. Benchmark your own performance in comparison to the top connectors where you live.

Where you work. How you work.

Sales development needs to be efficient. Nudge keeps you efficient by snapping in seamlessly to your existing tools and workflow.

Bring your target account lists from CRM automatically and have a daily brief on the best accounts to call on based on recent events. Embed Nudge beside your sales automation (ie. SalesLoft, Outreach) or CRM platform for instant, in-context insights.

Be more effective at driving revenue without changing the tools you use now.


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