Enhance your sales workflow with advanced relationship intelligence. Nudge provides powerful insights, right in the apps that you already use.

Nudge supercharges where you work

Connect faster. Get strong intros.

Tired of seeing “connections” and knowing only 1/10 of them? That’s over. Now, Nudge shows you common connections, ranked by actual strength of the relationship. That way, you get the best person to make an intro.

Or, drop a collaborator’s name in your email to personalize your outreach, and drive up to 3-4x in response rate.

Reach out faster.

Click “reach out” to immediately email your prospect and automatically paste in a relevant news article.

Nudge gives you easy access to recent news about a prospect or their company. You can insert news to personalize messages and increase the effectiveness of your outreach.

Keep in touch

Set smart cadences to keep in touch on regularly intervals, e.g. every 2 weeks or 3 months. The reminders disappear if you’re spontaneously in touch.

Never lose another long cycle sales opportunity by ensuring that you’re continually in touch, and all your notes and action items are taken care of.

Understand each account.

It’s easy to forget who is at each account and miss an opportunity to grow the conversation and broaden the relationships. solve that challenge for you by automatically mapping each account and showing you every contact you know and the contact information you have on them.

Never drop another ball

Long cycle sales opportunities are easy to lose just by forgetting to stay in touch. Let monitor the people and companies you need to stay in touch with, and remind you of all needed follow-ups.

Nudge will also keep track of any action items for you and make sure you guide each buyer to success.

Know your network.

Understand your own performance in building a strong, diverse network.

With real-time feedback on your network size and its growth week-by-week, you’ll be able to stay on track towards long-term success by ensuring that every week you build more relationships than you lose touch with.

One click email
Send emails right from a profile page - no need to go elsewhere.
Measure relationships
sync data from email, phone, calendar, CRM, and more.
Create action items
and todos for follow-up.
Set a cadence
to keep in touch e.g. 2 weeks or 3 months.
View team conversations
know who is talking to who, right in LinkedIn.
Get the latest news
scans 80,000+ sources to find the latest news and social updates.
Enrich profile data
including with email addresses, Twitter accounts, and more.
Put prospects in lists
right within LinkedIn. Lists export easily.
And more...
including analytics, search, and more.

Ready to start closing deals?