Eliminate Risk by Seeing Single-Threaded Deals Early
Single-threaded deals are the most significant risk to your quarter. Identify them quickly and accurately before end of quarter so you can win each deal.
Eliminate Risk by Seeing Single-Threaded Deals Early
Identify single-threaded deals automatically
Any deal that is forecast to close soon, but only has one relationship, is a high-risk deal. Teams that rely on manual logging of data and self-assessment of deals will be blind to which of their deals are single-threaded.
Know before it’s too late
Automated identification of single-threaded deals shows you, early in the quarter, which deals are at risk. Knowing at-risk deals early gives you time to engage with the deal and coach the rep. Early warning lets you save the deal before it’s too late.
Understand who else you need in the buying committee
Knowing that your team is single-threaded is crucial, but knowing who you need to to talking to is equally important. Understand who the executive team is at each account so you can understand who you should bring into the conversation.