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AI sales insights on the contacts and companies you care about as you write emails and browse the web – for free.

Free for Gmail, Google Inbox, and SalesLoft

As you write emails.

Get the insights you need to write engaging emails without leaving your inbox. for Gmail uses AI to filter through massive amounts of data to find the latest personal mentions, company news, social activity and more on your contacts as you write emails. Works with Gmail, Google Inbox, and SalesLoft. 

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As you browse the web.

Enhance your web experience with artificial intelligence. The Nudge Chrome extension will automatically scan web pages you visit, such as news articles and blog posts, to show you the latest insights on the contacts and companies mentioned.

  • “Installed Nudge for Chrome today. Needless to say, it’s badass. After 5 mins, I uninstalled Rapportive and will be using Nudge daily. Love the fact I can add people to a list from my inbox!”

    Patrick Tracy
    Patrick Tracy Account Executive, SalesLoft

Frequently Asked Questions on for Gmail

Who uses for Gmail? for Gmail is used by anyone who wants actionable insights on the people and companies they care about without wasting any time on research.

Where does it work? for Gmail displays as a sidebar inside of Gmail, Google Inbox, and SalesLoft.

As you browse the web, you’ll see the Nudge icon in the upper right-hand corner of your browser with a number indicating that Nudge has insights on a contact or company mentioned on the page. Click the icon to see the insights.

How do I see marketing events on each contact?

Marketing event integrations are included in our paid Team plan. You can learn more about Nudge for Teams here or contact us directly to setup a demo for your team.

How do I manage the lists and notes area? for Gmail is an extension of our modern sales platform. You can easily manage your lists and notes by clicking here to log into the full version of Nudge.

Where can I learn more?

Head over to our support center to learn how to make the most of for Gmail. We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience, please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.