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History of Great Social Sellers and Their Golden Rules of Networking

By Paul Teshima in Social Selling

At Nudge we believe your network is your net worth. We have compiled a history of great social sellers and their golden rules for nurturing and growing their networks. I wonder what they would have done differently if they all had Nudge, our modern networking app that is now in open BETA. Enjoy!

History of Great Social Sellers and Their Golden Rules of Networking #SocialSelling via @pteshima
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1700s – Paul Revere


Paul was the catalyst for one of the most important word-of-mouth campaigns in history, preparing the colonial militia for the British invasion. Many don’t know that while Paul rode north to spread the word that “the British are coming”, William Dawes road west, but didn’t have the same effect in preparing the local militia leaders. Paul’s success relied on his strong network of people who trusted him.

Golden Rule: “Be Clear in Your Message”


1800s – Mary Casset


Mary is credited as one of the main drivers of the impressionist movement in art. She was also a close friend of Edgar Degas. Mary used impressionist art to influence her network. She sponsored many fledgling artists, and in fact much of the impressionist art collections in America are due to her efforts. Mary’s complete work of paintings can be found here.

Golden Rule: “Love Your Work”


1950s – Lois Weisberg


Super connector from Chicago. Renowned for being the catalyst for many famous “connections” including Arthur Clarke and Isaac Asimov. Lois often embraced and helped strangers readily – meeting them in her salon, for coffee, or on the street. She assumed that “everyone was in her rolodex” and that if she spent enough time, she would find out how to connect with them. Lois was featured in a great article by Malcolm Gladwell called “The Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg“.

Golden Rule: “Everyone has Something Special About Them”


1980s – Roger Horchow


Founder of Horchow collection, producer of Broadway shows, like Les Misérables, author of The Art of Friendship: 70 Simple Rules for Making Meaningful Connections. If Roger liked you, he wrote your name and birthday into a red book – and always remembered to send you a birthday card. He also often used the fax machine to share things like new restaurants he liked in his city with his network.

Golden Rule: “File Important Facts”


2000s – Keith Ferrazzi


Some consider him the best networker of the decade, was youngest partner at Deloitte, and then went on to be youngest CMO of a Fortune 500 company, Starwood. Keith was known for carrying two palm pilots to store all of his connections, including Bill Clinton. From 5AM to 1AM every free moment is a chance to connect with someone, but that isn’t work, it is his “true joy”. Keith is also author of a New York Times Bestselling book “Never Eat Alone“.

Golden Rule: “Be Interesting”


2010s – Jill Rowley


Ranked #3 Social Sales person in the world by Forbes, Jill’s ABC’s “always be connecting” philosophy has landed her as one of the most sought after speakers on social selling. Jill believed her network was her net worth long before Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn were around. That is why she has been able to build authentic meaningful relationships with her thousands of connections. Check out her keynote speech on B2B Social Selling at GE Capital.

Golden Rule: “Give-to-Give”

Looking forward to the next wave of great social sellers.

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