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How AI supports Account-based marketing to grow your company

By Jaxson Khan in Marketing

Account-based tactics are gaining wider acceptance in the B2B world. According to ITSMA research, marketers are now allocating 28% of their budget to ABM, up from 20% last year. That’s not surprising since ABM helps companies reach, differentiate, attract, and serve enough customers to help them increase revenues and grow.

The smart companies today are looking at merging artificial intelligence (AI) into their account-based strategies to help them scale and be more useful. As Ryan Gould, VP of Strategy and Marketing Services at Elevation Marketing said, “With AI…account-based marketing is about to get a whole lot more intuitive.”

How AI supports and elevates ABM

  1. Both AI and ABM are based on data. AI can analyze all sorts of data about your users and audience, including close/won percentages, campaign success metrics, and more. ABM uses this kind of data for better targeting, deeper personalization, and stronger relationship building. ABM + AI is a good combination because it’s more efficient than you could ever be to do your ABM.
  2. Teams are smarter when you combine AI + ABM. Everyone will know precisely what to do, whether it’s your marketing team knowing exactly what to do to generate leads or your sales team knowing exactly what to do with those new leads. AI helps ABM pros learn more about those you’re selling or marketing to, allowing you to deliver the right message at the right time. It can sift through data more efficiently than any human and uncover subtler insights that will help your company grow more easily.
  3. AI helps you take personalization to deeper levels. Personalization and customization is a big part of ABM and one of the most significant challenges for any company. Use AI to gain more visibility into customer and prospect data. Using information like company size, industry vertical, offerings, interests, and clickthroughs, you’ll be able to build marketing and sales campaigns that map directly to their pain points. Your content will speak to them on a deeper level than anyone else’s because you’ve got access to those deeper data points.
  4. AI maintains your data better than you ever could. You’re probably using a variety of software tools to keep tabs with your customers and prospects. CRMs, marketing technology, email automation, and more. The key here is clean data, and AI helps you with that. Your data is valuable, but only if it’s updated and correct. AI can help you keep it clean, standardized, organized, and updated regularly, while your ABM systems and processes do their thing.
  5. You’ll only be able to scale ABM with AI. There’s just too much information out there to find, collect, analyze, and implement without AI. AI gathers the signals from customers and prospects to predict the behavior of accounts, which marketers can then prepare for with automated workflows and content. That includes the new, unique prospects who might be interacting with your content in different ways than you’re used to. It’s easy to predict the typical responses, but with AI’s help, you’ll be able to find the unusual contacts, allowing you to take advantage of them as well as the typical ones. Without AI, you wouldn’t have found the prospect, nor would you have been able to target them with an ABM campaign.

At the heart of it all, AI is the perfect partner for the ABM professional who’s looking to maintain and sustain relationships with customers and prospects. Without AI, you may miss prospect signals that indicate a hot lead because it’s not something you usually look for. Not only that, you’ll be ready to serve up personalized content to that lead whether it’s 2pm or 2am. At any time of the day, AI and ABM are ready to help your company scale and grow as you deliver a valuable marketing and sales experience to your audience.


Jaxson Khan
Sr. Marketing Manager
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