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How I Landed a Space Sized Deal By Socially Listening

By Kevin Hurley in Social Selling

Space sized deal you’re asking? This is my story about how I leveraged my skills as a marketer with a mindset of a modern sales professional to land a deal with one of the leading space exploration companies.

As a marketing guy entering the world of enterprise sales, I had a fairly strong background in how things worked. I developed marketing plans, ran lead generation and nurture campaigns, managed social media, created content and the works.

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However, I was never able to be the one speaking directly with the buyer – until the day I started selling. One of my previous roles was focused on selling to organizations with 1,000 plus employees. The more employees they had the bigger the deal.

When I started this role, I came into it with a marketing point of view and a fairly strong technical background when it came to using the latest tools. So of course, I did everything I could to take advantage of the latest productivity solutions.

I was a team of one grinding in the startup world – meaning I would bring in and/or track down leads, qualify them, lead the demo and work with the founder to close the deal. It was an incredible experience, and one that not many marketing and/or sales professionals have the opportunity to do.



Contextual Listening Fuels the Rocket

When I first started in marketing, I spent way too much time on social media. I ran the social accounts for quite a few B2B organizations, learning how buyers interact with brands from the ground level.

On the other hand, I quickly learned how events were one of the easiest ways to generate high quality leads from sitting in my chair.

How Contextual Social Listening Can Drive #B2B Leads #SocialSelling
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By following the hashtag for events, I could quickly see who my buyers are, what they are talking about and what types of personalities they have.

I immediately knew I had to take advantage of this. So I did in many occasions, driving great leads and even better conversations. On top of that, it helped build some pretty killer buyer personas.

If you ever come across events where you know potential buyers will be attending, get on board with the hashtag and spend a few minutes every day scoping it out.


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Listen Before, Share During, Engage in Real-Time

A week before the event started, I checked to see who was using the hashtag and began to build a list of anyone that might be interested in our product – and of course, met the profile of a quality lead.

I also wrote a few blog posts that were relevant to the topics at the event and shared it using the hashtag. This drove leads from folks attending the event before it even started. Of course, we had a lead capture form on the blog posts with a relevant call to action.

Leverage event hashtags with relevant content before, during and after #sales #socialselling
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During the event I continued to share the content as I knew attendees would be following the hashtag. I also shared the Tweets from people who I would potentially want to reach out to.

Joining conversations during the presentations only took a few minutes every now and then, but because I was responding in real-time, engagement was incredible.


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Recognizing the Perfect Opportunity, Reaching out at the Right Time

There was a session that was directly related to the product I was offering. Could it have been any more perfect? There was a room filled with people who were interested in what I was selling.

I engaged with relevant Tweets and after a few “digital conversations” – one of the attendees went through to our site, downloaded a “complete guide” resource and quickly after, clicked on a link to request a demo.

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They were in the right mindset to engage with our brand and had no concern that we weren’t even at the conference. So, I would imagine it would be even better if you could loop this process in while you were there, and quickly set up a meeting. You know how the story goes from there.


Moving with the Modern Buyer

It might sound like a lot of work to the average professional, however anyone in B2B sales knows how difficult it is to reach buyers in today’s hyper-connected world. With the explosion of social selling, I can see contextual social listening becoming a huge opportunity when done right. This is a perfect example of how closely marketing and sales must work together to push the needle.

Kevin Hurley
Director of Marketing
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