Hunted – Productivity Hacks: Email Special on Recruitment

By Jaxson Khan in Nudge News


Nudge gives you AI sales insights on the contacts and companies you care about as you write emails and browse the web. So, to put this into perspective, let’s say you’ve gone ahead and heeded the advice above.

You’ve searched on LinkedIn and know exactly who to speak to at a certain business.

You’ve got yourself on Unomy and you’ve got the email address.

As you go to type that first email (assuming you can’t get them on the phone) Nudge will use the mystical powers of AI to tell you things about that person or business. That means you can start typing an email and have even more useful information by the time you finish. The tool also works when you’re browsing the web.

What’s the best part of all of this? It’s free and plugs right in to Chrome. So, without even having to open a new tab or window, you can get free insights on your contacts to help you stand out from the crowd.

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Originally on Hunted.

Jaxson Khan
Sr. Marketing Manager